Why Trump Loses 2020

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  1. Hey loser,
    Keep whining on your blog to no one in particular, you are definitely getting your name out there and not coming off like a moronic crank. Everyone can see how hopelessly locked in American partisan politics you are, and that you see anyone who doesn’t agree with you as a “communist”. If you think fucking Joe Biden is a communist you are retarted. If you think that marxists are controlling the whole world you are a retarted Nazi. But you already know that about yourself. Why don’t you move to China with your Falun Gong buddies and see if your brand of hysterical horribly written articles catch on more there, because you’ve clearly struck out in a neoliberal capitalist context. Which is impressive because your whole shtick is loving capitalism. It seems it doesn’t love you back :D.

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