11 Reasons to Stop Masks

1) Kids Not in Danger

It’s well documented by now that corona is not an especially dangerous event for kids. Putting masks on kids is selfish and abusive.

2) Old People Alone

Masks are supposed to be for protection of vulnerable elements of society. But does it actually advance their well being?

At what point does a 90 year old person prefer living in terror as opposed to living life and accepting what comes. Do old people actually want to cover up and hide from their own family in their last years?

Masks isolates them and makes them lonely. Not compassionate.

3) Hysteria Triumphs

People are afraid and feel the need to do something, anything, even if it doesn’t help, just so long as it makes them feel good.

Women like the mask way more than men. The masks are here because women want them. I promise you that way less men would wear the masks if not for their women partners pushing it.

This is the death of stoicism. The death of strength and indifference in the face of danger.

4) Not Sustainable

Wear masks until when? Until the curve is flattened? Well that happened already. and people wear masks now than ever.

I remember in the beginning of this “pandemic” when the unknowns and risks were greatest and almost no one was wearing a mask and our “experts” told us not to wear one.

A vaccine may never come. There is no logical place to say it’s time to stop wearing masks if it isn’t now.

5) Arrogance

Masks arrogate to man a God-like power to control viruses. But viruses are tiny and ancient and powerful. The idea we can stop them, just like that, whenever we want, if we simply try really hard, is a reckless dangerous paradigm for the world. Our power over nature is far more limited than many like to admit.

6) Prolongs Lockdown

Lockdown is a method of control and reflection of hysteria. It has zero to do with a rationale and well balanced policy. So the idea that we can wear masks to control the virus and reach a compromise for reasonable behavior and end lockdown sooner shows ZERO comprehension of what is happening. The masks actually are acceptance, submission, and a reflection of fear. As long as masks are out the lockdown continues. Masks, incidentally, are lockdown.

8)KGB Culture

You see clowns taking photos of people not wearing masks, cops tasing non-mask wearers, people calling government on non-mask wearers… this is the KGB Stasi culture. It’s growing. Mandatory mask usage promotes it. No way around it.

9) Don’t Help

I have yet to see the evidence that masks help or theoretical logic that shows how masks could even possibly help.

The virus is here until we get immunity. Masks, even if they do “work,” just slow down the spread. They don’t solve the problem. Young and healthy people should be going out with out masks and getting it so we get immunity and the elderly would be safer sooner.

10) Grinds Down Mind

Being forced to do something that doesn’t make sense, having this mask mantra repeated to you, even being forced to enforce it on others, is a way to break people’s minds. Make them compromise. Make them submit. Once it happens then it’s so much easier to push and push harder and where will it end?


If government can force you to cover your face, indefinitely, what power don’t they have?

Some people try to rationalize it and say if businesses like it, or local government likes it, that’s fine. But that is bullshit!

The masks are here because of a fear campaign from DC. Because of legal issues caused by DC. Because of “smart” college educated people subsidized by DC.

Arguably even worse than the government tyranny is the tyranny of the rabble. People who hate their life are big fans of the masks because it forces people who are happy with life to cover up and put a symbol of fear and submission on their face.

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