Zionists Don’t “Control” America – An0maly is Wrong

An0maly claims that “Zionists already control both parties.” This is a misunderstanding of geopolitics. My entry is brief explanation of how he is wrong. With a few questions for him or anyone on the Zionists-Control-America Crew.

If we are going to say Zionists control the Democrat Party then that should manifest itself in Democrat Presidents. They should be implementing concrete policy to advance Israeli interests perhaps even at the expense of America.

Well, Obama was just President, for a full eight years, and is still idolized by Democrats. And yet, his foreign policy was marked, almost even defined, by his radical pro-Iran policy. Sending them billions of dollars. If I recall correctly, not only did he send them money, but he illegally smuggled it to them. He also pushed a deal for Iran that opens the path for them to get a nuclear bomb.

Arguably the single greatest threat to Israel, and thus to Zionist goals, is Iran. Iran is a theocratic jihadi state who proudly funds proxies to kill Israelis and may in the future nuke Israel. Iran is an existential threat to Israel.

If Obama, Democrats, and others in our Establishment were motivated by pro-Israeli concerns, or even “controlled” by them, why did they go out of their way to give material support to Iran?

Simple question for An0maly – is Obama a Zionist?

BLM is another face to the Democrat Party that is today picking up millions or maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, signs of support around all cities, protests, solidarity with athletes, celebrities, corporations, and politicians from both parties.

BLM also calls Israel an “apartheid state,” accuses Israel of genocide, and calls for a boycott of Israel.

Is BLM a Zionist organization?

The above argumentation is sufficient it would seem to seriously undermine the idea that Zionists control both parties. But let’s also touch briefly on the idea that Republicans are controlled by Zionists.

There is some truth to this statement. Republicans are pro-Israel and they do support Israel with concrete policies. If An0maly’s argument is that, “Republicans are pro-Israel,” then he is right.

But the phrasing seems to imply that Republican foreign policy is motivated first and foremost by Zionist concerns. If that is the contention, then it is a serious misunderstanding of history and geopolitics.

Consider this. As Israel is moving towards peace with neighbors they are getting hit with rockets from Iranian proxies. This is nothing new. The catastrophic Beirut explosion was itself linked back to Hizbollah and Iran. Their weapon stores. There are non-stop attacks on Israel coming from Iran.

What is the US response? Well, Obama’s response was to give Iran money. Now, with Trump in power, we aren’t helping Iran, but we aren’t forcefully stopping them either.

I’m not saying we should stop them. Just observing a fact. We don’t. We have no binding military defense pact with Israel.

Other countries have it. We are bound to defend Argentina. We are bound to defend South Korea and have been in a nuclear stand off for it. But not Israel.

Why not? If American foreign policy is defined by Zionist interests, why don’t those Zionists get themselves a binding defense pact?

There is much more to say on this topic but I’ll end here with these three concrete points and their corresponding questions.

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