Why Splitting America in Two Would Fail

I’m skeptical of the split the country in half plan. I used to like it and assumed that Americans, like squabbling siblings, once given some distance would thence become fond of one another again.

But now it seems to me that Democrats have been totally possessed by evil forces. Hijacked by foreign enemies. And there will be no friendship.

Maybe this is how it was before and it only just became clear to me. The root issue is that there is a worldwide Communist conspiracy to take power. They seek total control and won’t tolerate any freedom outside of their system. If we split the country up, they are still coming for us, only now we’ve ceded yet more ground. It will be just one more step of Conservatives ceding ground to the Communists. First it was NY and Cali, then it was all the cities, now it’s half the country. It’s not like Communists built have the country and we are giving to them what is rightfully theirs. Americans built it and the Communists are stealing it.

It will not end well. They will BDS us harder than people can imagine. Since people think “escape” is an option they still won’t have confronted how the Communists conquered half of America with their process of infiltration. They will just do the same thing again. Especially given that the institutions in red states are actually largely controlled or at the least infiltrated by Communists, it won’t even take them that long to redo the same process in the split off state.

There has to be a reckoning with the Communists.

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