Socialists of South America are Sexual Perverts

Take a look at the left wing, the socialists, the Communists, of South America. These guys are straight up perverts. And we’re not talking about fringe figures.

Lula on right

Look at Lula da Silva. This guy was a co-founder of the leftist–perhaps Communist?–Workers Party which has strength in Brazil and throughout South America, he founded the Sao Paulo Forum which spreads Communism throughout Latin America, and he was President of Brazil for a decade starting in 2002.

PT flag. Communist red with the Communist star.

Lula is disgusting. Not just his political beliefs, but as a person, the guy is a freak.

The guy apparently said in an interview with Playboy that he had sex with an animal explaining that the “world was a lot freer” back then.

That’s not all. Sicko Lula also said that he tried to rape someone when he was in prison. His comrade later said it was a “joke.”

Lula is defended by far left “journalist” Glenn Greenwald. From America but in Brazil and currently agitating to bring down Brazil’s elected President Bolsonaro.

Greenwald seems to have been involved in the business of gay pornography:

When asked about it, Greenwald didn’t deny it, but explained his past was “messy”

This is the left wing movement in South America. What type of person can support them?

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