Bolivian Boogalooer Explains How to Beat Communist 4th Generation Warfare

Below is an entry from Anonymous in Bolivia. It reminds me of America today ->

October 4th 2019, Santa Cruz, Bolivia photo my own

Since a lot of people expressed interest in the Great Bolivian Boogaloo of 2019. I shall be posting an account of these events here for discussion. I never posted about this shit because things were kind of dicey back then, and no one had any idea how they would end up.

We still don’t know what will happen because our current “transitional” / “coup” government has to hold elections in September. The Covid collapsed half our health system and the communists might be elected back to power. If the elections are cancelled, there’s gonna be a new convulsion, so this shit is far from over.


If the description of events is ambiguous, its because we want to avoid getting people arrested for sedition should the communists return. Therefore, please consider the rantings contained herein as a fictional fairy tale made up by some insane arfcommer who watched way too many 80’s movies.

Historical Background :

The official definition of a boogaloo is a civil war, as in a no shit real deal armed civilian confrontation that results in political change or an apocalypse.

We come from a long history of social unrest. And to give people an idea how common these events have been in our history, the following is a short list of a few convulsions that we have had since right before our founding:

1781 The great seige of La Paz
1809-1825 The War for Independence
1828 Peru invades Bolivia
1839 The Mariscal de Santa Cruz Coup
1839 Bolivia invades Peru
1841 The Ballevian coup
1841 Peru invades Bolivia Again
1841 The Argueda Coup
1847 The Guilarte Mole Coup
1847 The Miguel de Velasco Coup
1864 The Melgarejo Coup
1871 The Anti-Melgarejo Coup
1879-1883 The Pacific War
1898-1899 The First Civil War Sucre vs La Paz
1903 War With Brazil over the Acre
1920 The Bautista Saaverda Coup
1930 The Carlos Blanco Coup
1932-1935 the Chaco War
1934 The Tejada Coup
1936 The Toro Coup
1937 The Herman Busch Coup
1939 Herman Busch gets “Suicided” by the junta.
1943 The Villaroel Coup
1946 The Anti-Villaroel Coup. Resulting with a very dead President Villaroel hanging from a lamp post in front of the palace.
1949 The Insurrection of 49
1951 The Ballevian Coup
1952 The Civil War
1964 The Barrientos Coup Barrientos was our best president we ever.
1966 The Che Guevara Guerrilla
1967 Mr. Che Guevara is  accidentally shot with an M2 carbine and buried under a landing strip in valle grande.
1969 Barrientos has a helicopter “accident” A truly tragic day.
1969 The Ovando Dictatorship begins.
1970 The ELN Guerrilla Begins
1970 The ELN folks all get free Helicopter Rides
1970  The Torrez Communist Coup
1971  The Banzer Coup
1978 The Pereda Coup
1978  The Padilla Coup
1979  The Natuch Busch Coup
1980  The Garcia Mesa Coup
1981  The Torrelio Coup
1982  The anti Torrelio coup
1984  Anti-Siles Coup & hyperinflation
1984-2003 restoration of democracy
1998 The Water War
2003 The “Black Febuary” incident.
2003 The October War and The Ousting of Goni
2006 The Ousting of President Mesa.
2008 The Porvenir Massacre
2019  The Pititas Revolution – that’s us.

This list has way to many big igloos for a non-eskimo country, so you get an idea how unstable life around here is. We have had a grand total of 189 coups de etat in our 239 year history. Take in mind that a coup implies two factions of civilians and military playing capture the flag with live ammunition in the street trying to take the Palace.

Anarchy and freedom are in the soul of the Bolivian, and we are some of the freest people in the world, because when a new law bans something, we just pay off the cops to keep doing it. When Bolivians don’t like a reform, they go out to the street and start fucking shit up.

This implicit anarchy is part of the the fun we have living here. People have accepted it as a part of life and it gives this place a certain type of magic. It can also be a real pain in the ass if you are trying to run a business.

Our first recorded Big Igloo event was in 1781, when the spanish colonial government had an indigenous uprising that resulted in the first siege of the city of La Paz. All subsequent uprisings and sieges of the city have followed the same format, albeit with more modern weapons.

From 1967 to 1984 we had a very troubled period and most Xer kids have some interesting early memories of these events. The millennials and the fucking zillenials, or whatever the fuck these new internet kids are called, grew up during the restoration of democracy, and heard the tales of the revolutions. Fortunately, this prepared us for the bullshit we would see in the 2000’s.

Ethic Tension

At the core of most of these conflicts lies the ethnic tension that resulted from the power structure we inherited from the Spanish Colonials. The majority our population, 80%, is composed of indigenous people, and until the 2000’s they had never really held power. They were always ruled by the minority population descended from the Spaniards.

And this European and mixed minority has never had its shit together, since they have always had several factions that fought constantly, resulting in our long list of coups de etat and other assorted disasters.

Our ethnic tensions went off in a big way in the civil war of 1952, which was a nation wide civilian confrontation between military, and the paramilitary forces that armed the indigenous population. This uprising, was lead by the MNR party, who took power to free them from serfdom, and enacted a land reform which turned into an all out “lets kill mr. land lord” campaign.

For us, the revolution of 52 sets the benchmark for all civil unrest events. Both of my gramps fought in this thing, and it was the bloodiest civilian confrontation we have had in our history since the majority of the combatants were Chaco War veterans, and large stocks of war materiel left over from the war were distributed to civilians.

After 52, ethnic tensions were never fully resolved and everyone has feared a new civil war. The land reform saved us from the Che Guevara and all subsequent guerrillas, because the communists were unable to get support from a people who had been liberated and owned their land.

The rise of the communist left has always tried to overthrow our traditional power structure using the plight if the indigenous population. The unrest in the 70’s was a cold war right vs left conflict with lots of free helicopter rides. And in 2003 and 2006 they communists were finally successful when they started the 4th Generation Warfare bullshit.


4th Generation Warfare is a term coined by Col. William Lind in the eighties to describe a new type of conflict where politics are waged like war. The state is no longer confronting a visible structured enemy or a state actor, in a traditionally kinetic setting, and it is at war with a violent non-state threat that convulses its local population to bring about its destruction. In short, they use your civilian population against you.

Classic Clauwzewitz says war is politics by other means. If you apply this concept in reverse, using politics as the means of waging war to attack a state from with in, you end up in a shitshow like the one we had in October 2003.

4GW seeks to eliminate your state’s monopoly on violence. They do not attack the military or the state directly, and focus their attack on a nations society so the fighting is done by its subjects.

4GW attacks the basic pillar of the state, its society. They infiltrate to subvert your institutions, and they use these to attack your culture, your traditions, your people, and your basic way of life.

4GW seeks to divide a nation’s society to bring about a political change, empowering a proxy faction or their own party to take over. They exploit the weak points in your system, looking to amplifying existing social divisions in order to fracture your nation to the point that you no longer have a functioning society.

They do this through subversion strategies where they infiltrate and position their people in key areas. Subversion is a concept developed by the Russians.

In our case, they went into the media and the human rights institutions. They also established a political party to take over the country democratically after the system collapsed.

Street violence was the basic component of their strategy when they came after us. They used it to terrorize the entire population and to turn everyone against the government.

The difference between this thing and traditional kinetic revolts, is the psychological warfare component that they use to sway the passive population.

Traditionally, to taking over a country you needed tanks, troops artillery and air cover. Your occupying force then holds the population hostage with traditional repression tactics.

In 4G war, they manipulate an the entire population emotionally to turn against their rulers and to put the subversives in power by choice.

Our writers and journalists called it Social Terrorism, and you have to think of it as terrorism at a grand scale. They use political propaganda, media, radio, tv and the internet to amplify the impact of their actions and to manipulate channel peoples collective emotions to obtain their desired political end.

The reason these things qualify as a boogaloo event, is because the combatants in a 4G conflict are not uniformed troops or readily identifiable armed factions, but common everyday people from different sectors in society who are set up to fight each other, swayed by fear.

They start by finding a convenient excuse to start riots and street convulsions. The issue that starts the riots is a mere excuse to set people in motion. In 2003 it was a gas contract with Chile, and soon the conflict was no longer about the initial issue, but about magnifying all of the discontent in our society to overthrow the government.

They always identify a class enemy that embodies all of the evils of the state. They then empower the discontented folks to fight them. This conflict is designed to cause a failure in governance when the state is required to use its monopoly of violence against its civilians to quell the dissent.

They seek to create martyrs and to enrage the fence sitters when state violence is employed. Because they manipulate or control the media, and because their actions were designed and planned by a bunch of evil psychologists, a population won’t know what the fuck hit them until its too late and the shit show has kicked off.

This happened to the republic of Chile in 2019. And when the Chileans realized what was happening, President PiƱeira shat himself, and it was to late to unfuck his situation. Right now a lot of people want Don Augusto to return from the dead to give everyone some free helicopter rides.

Their strategy uses a lot of brinksmanship. They always take situations to a breaking point, but never allow them to reaching a state of total chaos or collapse.

Their idea is to induce a political change, not to destroy country. And if you are at the receiving end, It feels like its the end of the world, but really its not. That’s  just their psyop campaign driving people crazy.

Think of 4G warfare like a political neutron bomb. The basic goal is to burn, discredit and besmirch the government actors to such a level that they have no choice other than to throw down hard or to resign. Since throwing down means shooting people, mass arrests, and free helicopter rides, most modern democracies choose not to go there, so they resign and the socialists put their own people in.

October 2003

In our 2003 disaster, we woke up one day to roadblocks in our neighborhoods. The main fuel refinery was blockaded so no one had gas. Heavy rioting was under way uptown and in the city of El Alto, and interestingly there were no cops to protect us.

Their goal was to get the civilians to fight each other. Their followers threatened to come burn down the residential areas where we lived, and they set up road blocks to keep us from going to work.

This was 2003. No one had any idea what the fuck was going on or what the fuck fourth generation warfare even was. We had been designated as the class enemy, and we were being provoked, so we got organized and began to police our neighborhoods. The city was under siege, no supplies were coming in, and everyone stocked up for the end of the world.

The tv constantly played images of the disaster. Outside, the protesters tried to set a house on fire in one of our streets. They had never attacked our neighborhoods before, and in the panic, very few people were ready or willing to throw down in a full on civil war.

Meanwhile the socialists lured the army into a series of protester shooting incidents with live ammo. The bad guys attacked military garrisons shot at the soldiers from the crowds and the soldiers fired back. The images of dead people were then aired on tv and they enraged everyone on BOTH sides.

House wives on our side who were already shitting a brick protested against the violence and quickly turned against the government. the socialist housewives gathered more supporters and took to the streets. In the end, these events started a civilian uprising of more than 80,000 people.

The Goni government who was trying to keep the country from collapsing, decided to use military force to quell the protests. and instead of identifying leadership and doing it properly, they got heavy handed.

This is exactly what the 4th gen strategists wanted, and they publicized the deaths of protesters on national tv in very crafty press campaigns, taking coffins to the places where the shootings occurred, holding tragic interviews with the families of the martyrs.

The government was completely discredited after they killed 60 protesters. The entire population went up in arms, and our opportunist vice president Mr. Carlos Mesa, cut a deal with the socialists and forced our president to resign.

This Mesa jackass thought he could ride the tiger, until in 2006, the tiger decided to have him for breakfast. The socialists ran the same playbook against him. He didn’t even bother shooting anyone. He just shat himself chickened out, and resigned.

Then they went through the entire chain of secession, because the socialists demanded that if an election was not convened, they were going to host a full on civil war.

The president of our supreme court took office as president of the republic, and the power vacuum that resulted, set the conditions for the communists to come to power DEMOCRATICALLY. They won the resulting election using Evo Morales, the indigenous presidential candidate to rally the dispossessed, and the rest of us have been fucking angry ever since.

Communist Rule

They ruled from 2006 to 2019 and destroyed all the traditional power structures in an all out institutional subversion. They persecuted anyone who disagreed, and bought out all the independent tv networks and newspapers in the country. They rewrote the constitution and subverted all of the independent powers of the state to create a centralized totalitarian government.

Because they couldn’t declare themselves dictators for life, they had to hold elections from time to time. And In 2019, we were having the mother of all elections.

El Dildo in Chief, Mr Evo Morales was not eligible to participate in it by law, since he had already served 3 terms. The government decided to change the rules, and allowed him to run regardless.

On February 21st 2016 a referendum was held asking the population to modify the constitution to let our dildo in chief  get a new term. We call it the 21F referendum because if the date. We voted, and our side, the No’s won. The government had lost its first national vote and this showed everyone that they were not invincible.

The government wiped their asses with the results and ran evo morales anyway, the elections went forward and everyone who voted in 21F took to the streets.

This started a series of protests, and veryone printed the letters 21F on white t-shirts. And when a large group of people take the streets on the 21st of every month wearing shirts that remind the government that they lost a referendum, you have the beginning of an insurrection in your hands.

There was no officially approved format for the shirts. we did not have leaders sending us t-shirt specs, and the ones that appeared on the street were eclectic. the shirts were all white, but the 21F letters were printed with different fonts in different sizes. People wanted to fight the government so they took the idea and made it theirs. No one commanded them

21F is important, because it marks the birth of the Bolivian resistance. it grew into a leaderless movement of all the people that were pissed off. Many politicians coopted the 21F identity, tried to steer the movement and to take it over to no avail.

The government didn’t give a shit. They sent counter protesters to beat up our protesters and just kept on trucking.

On Oct. 20th 2019, the government held the election. everybody voted. That night the government saw some unexpected results in the ballot counts and realized they were going to lose. The geniuses then decided to unplug the TREP, a computerized real time vote counting system on live tv and declared themselves the winners. Everyone watching this crap unfold went apeshit and decided to rebel.

The Beginning of the Revolt

The next day, we stopped work early and headed to the the Radisson hotel where the government vote count was taking place. 7000 people showed up that afternoon and it was pretty peaceful. Everyone there was a common citizen. There were political parties present with their followers, but they were a minority.

As the evening progressed, rocks were thrown at government supporters and a few CS canisters were popped off. Then the university kids started a small riot outside the electoral tribunal offices, and then all hell broke loose.

Our university kids have always been the ground troops and the cannon fodder of all of our modern political disasters. They are the most politically active sector in our society, and much like soldiers, they’re at an age where they are super idealistic and feel invincible. They don’t really question going head first into danger and they have had a huge impact in our history.

That night, kids from all over the country attacked the vote counting centers in all the capitals across the nation, and all of these buildings, except for the one in La Paz were torched to the ground by angry mobs.

Interestingly, the torchings were carried out by infiltrated government agitators in a clever false flag, because the government had calculated that people would protest the initial results of their election fraud, so they sent their people to the protests to burn the buildings down in order to destroy the fraud evidence.

They figured they could avoid an audit by having their people join our rioters, set the buildings of fire, and then blame the destruction on the evil right. This backfired, because seeing the buildings burn empowered our side and the convulsion was now nation wide.

The next day, a national strike was announced, and all the civic committees in the major cities called for a mobilized blockade of the country. Work was suspended and we were called to a new protest up town.

Since things were starting to get dicey, the first thing we did was to acquire some riot equipment as per the following list:

1.- We all took our national flag, also known as “The tricolor”, in red yellow and green. We were fighting this as ordinary citizens. A lot of our kids tied large flags around their necks and wore them like capes, and took the flag into battle. it was awesome to see them running around breaking shit dressed like super heroes.

2.- Flagpole / Riot Club. Taking guns to a demonstration is a big fucking no, no, so we went to a hardware store, bought some pick handles and tied these to our flags in case we had a disagreement with the socialists.

3.- Riot Buddy. You need at least 1 riot buddy. The rule is, never go to a riot alone, so I called a girl I know who was really pissed off at the election. We set a time and a rally point in case we got separated, and a fall back position in case one of us didn’t show up. After that, your buddy or the people waiting for you at home would come to look for you in jail.

4.- IFAK. i took a tourniquet, compression bandage, a burn gel dressing and an old Celox A dispenser that was about to expire.

5.- Riot Pack. You need a back pack to carry all this shit and as anything thats tactical or military looking will get you targeted for photography, questioning, arrest, or earn you an “accidental” 37mm gas round to the head, you really don’t wanna stand out with the tacticool shit.

You wanna riot in a repressive communist regime? You need to blend in, so i got ahold of a cheap el crapo back pack, with a local university logo on it.

The cops and intel boys are not the only danger, as folks on your own side might mistake you for an infiltrated bad guy and might decide to fuck you up in a really fun blue on blue incident with very blunt rocks. Remember, you’re walking into a free for all.

5.- Armor. I had an el cheapo locally produced 3a vest from a buddy’s company. We tested these things, so i trusted it. I partitioned it into 2 halves to line my el crappo back pack and my riot buddy’s el crappo backpack just in case shit got really stupid.

6.- Bottled water, preferably in disposable containers. You can flush tear gas and debris out of your eyes, clean wounds, deal with burns and rehydrate with water. Also, you have an emergency projectile.

7.- Rocks. I had my cab driver stop near a riverbed and i got some nice    round metamorphic rocks, which are traditional riot implements in this part of the world.

8.- An el crappo folding knife. Given that our possibility of arrest or questioning had increased considerably, i bought a fabulous piece of crap Chinese knock off tanto point that no one would miss, should it have to be tossed in a hurry.

9.- Gas mask

We took 3m half masks with the P100/Organic gas filters, which work well against CS.

10.- Head gear. Bandana, shemagh, a pair of good shades for eye pro or goggles, preferably clear ones for night.

11.- A note on Clothes

You need a pair of boots or running shoes you can haul ass in. You need to dress in drab colors not to be singled out. a light parka works wonders to change your appearance and to keep tear gas off your clothes.  Bring a Baseball cap and an extra cap for the walk home, because all that donated CHICOM cctv equipment is a real pain in the ass.

12.- Snickers bars. You don’t know how long you’ll be out there and quick energy is key.

13.- Bribe money. Nothing gets you out of a jam with the local cops faster than a quick bribe.

14.- Comms.

A note on Phones:

Burner phones down here no longer exist, since all phones must be registered with the communists. so unless you have a phone in someone else’s name, your IMEI will be captured by the government riot surveillance equipment and you can be Identified.

The CHICOMS sold these assholes some big black boxes that can be put in a van or pre positioned in a building. These act like a cell tower and record all the pings from all the phones carried by people in a specific area. (Think removable batteries.) So for all you all that might end up in shit like this, do take note.

And if you take handies or some of them evil bao feng radios, you may raise the wrong kind of attention and end up as the main attraction of a blue on blue incident with blunt rocks.

15.- Escape kit. Yeah, i bought one of them silly hand cuff key and kevlar cord kits for the hell of it, and ended up I duct taping these things to the inside of my belt in case the bribe money didn’t work. And after seeing how 8 cops would beat up and dog pile one university kid, and drag him off to the paddy wagon, we really did not fancy getting captured.


The equipment you carry must be disposable in case you need to ditch it in a hurry. its all got to fit in a small pack and it mustn’t stand out, (much to the horror of all those EDC guys who feel naked with out a tacticool bug out bag.)

So now that we had our fabulous el crappo riot gear assembled, we took a cab, got off 3 blocks before the cable car station, (CHICOM cctv is a pain in the ass.) walked there and took a cable car up town.

Peaceful Protesting

Protests are scheduled by what ever group, trade union, political party or syndicate has decided to mobilize itself. In this case it was everyone. So we found a random group and started marching down a street with these guys. Random people joined in and we were now part of a protest.

They all have big banners identifying them and there are cheer leaders in the front chanting catchy slogans. They had taken over a main avenue, and we were screwing up traffic completely. We went down the center of town to their meeting point where more dudes were waiting to go to the government building that was targeted for chaos. You chant, shoot fireworks, sing and hurl insults with a large mob, which is kind if like a cheering at a sports event with lots of angry pissed off fans.

We did this all afternoon and we ran into friends and work colleagues and met new people.

The most active folks were the moms. There were a shitload of women there and i think they were the real drivers of this event, because they got people to go to the protests and always had a bored looking dude who had obviously wanted to stay home attached to them.

The idea here is to form a huge crowd and to own an entire street in front of the TV cameras and govt observers. We had 20,000 people that afternoon. It shows power, and eliminates “atomization” which is a concept from Gene Sharps peaceful overthrow manual.

Atomization is a psychological state in which individuals who are in repressive regimes feel isolated and alone and chose not to take part in political action, because of the helplessness brought on by isolation and the fear of repression. By seeing everyone on the street, people feel they are not alone and that they are a part of something bigger. They lise their fear and become empowered.

After the peaceful PG13 protest was over, we wandered over to the electoral tribunal offices where the uni kids were rioting for the second night in a row. The place was a fucking nightmare because after last nights disaster, it had twice as many cops and it was covered in teargas.

When i use the term “we”, it means a bunch of law abiding working people who have jobs or that own companies or small businesses, these are the type of people who would never be on the street fucking things up because they are responsible, educated and generally nice suburban types.  

We followed the crowd to the edge of the battle and saw that the university kids in the front lines had just lost the initiative. The cops were firing a shit load of gas and everyone was running in our direction.

The cool thing that i began to notice was that the kids in the battle were not just university kids from humble backgrounds, but i began to see a lot of upperclass rich kids and office types breaking shit with them. It was unreal.

We took cover near a convenient tree. A couple of my buddies were caught in the melee and one of them ended up dragging a 19 year old girl out of the drama when she lost consciousness to the dreaded Brazilian Carlos Sierra tear gas.

The dreaded Brazillian CS gas currently in use with our cops and military is the Condor Industries proprietary Carlos Sierra formula, in the GL201 37mm projectile and GL302 canister format, and the GL309 rubber ball grenade from their 2019 de lux university kid repression line.

The Brazilian Carlos Sierra is a strange type of gas and its very different to the US made shit they used on us in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The interesting thing about this gas is that you don’t immediately notice it like the US stuff.

This stuff has a kind of oven baked, blue smoke smell. it hits the palate with a rich velvet texture that has hints if brick red, allspice, and nutmeg. Then feels like a fragrant sugarless vanilla cup cake that has been filled with thumbtacks. This unique texture and is then complemented by the slight scent of band aids, and the burning sensation of a really bad powdered chili, which adds an unexpected punch to the bouquet.

It takes several seconds for your system to realize this shit is toxic, and by the time your internal alarm bells go off you already took in a half a lungful of the stuff. You start choking, it closes your throat and then you begin to feel it in your sinuses and your eyes go shut.

By this time, theres a sufficient quantity of the 207 in your mucous membranes and your nose which starts giving off a burning sensation equivalent to using tabasco sauce as eyedrops and in a neti pot to rinse out your nasal cavity. You gasp for more oxygen and you feel more gas come into your mouth. the back of your throat burns so you stop inhaling, making your lungs very unhappy, until they spasm to get more air.

This asphyxiating sensation induces panic, and people start to run wild, trampling who ever is in the way. And if you are in the front lines and more than five canisters have gone off, you can end up passing out, because in an enclosed space, this shit is probably lethal.

Tear gas and police batons are powerful agents to the uninitiated, but our university kids were initiated, because they do this shit all the time and a lot of them had masks and bandanas and they didn’t give a fuck. they are used to the panic and they stayed in the fight.

Interestingly i began to notice that the kids that fell were the upper middle class and rich kids from OUR neighborhoods and some of those girls were really pretty, not the type to get involved in street violence on an ordinary day. But this wasn’t an ordinary day it was special because marked the second day of the Bolivian resistance.

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