Antifa Riots Sponsored by Communist Conspiracy

There is an altogether too widespread impression that Antifa and BLM are new, independent, organically created groups, spontaneously reacting to contemporary issues. Stop them and then the problem is solved.


Antifa and BLM are the spear. If you stop a couple spears then it simply means others get made and thrown. As a society, we are far from coming to grips with who is throwing.

These groups are just fronts for a much larger Communist movement stretching both across the United States—in and outside of institutions—and even around the world, and back in time all the way to the 1920s.

Trevor Loudon recently wrote a great article laying out how Antifa is being stoked by an entire network of organizations including: Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Anyone who wanted to laugh at the Communist movement a few months ago, could perhaps have been forgiven for the naivety (although not really), but try and laugh now.

I want to lay out a bit of the history here to try and capture the depth of this movement, give an indication of just how potent it is, and who the enemy actually is.

BLM was founded less than ten years ago and this can give the impression that they are a new group. That is the logical and straight forward assumption.

However, it is also an intended trap. It is classic Communist deception to use fronts and from time to time switch them up: names are used, discarded, changed, like a disguise.

Consider a historical example. Russia started with the Cheka, Stalin re-named it NKVD, Khrushchev said it was the KGB, and Putin (a member of KGB) called it the FSB, and even this summary is skipping over several name changes.

The name game gets used frequently. So when you see a black power Communist movement like BLM, and a class warfare Communist movement like Antifa, you can pretty safely guess that it’s not new, it’s not a genuine response to contemporary issues, it’s just one more front for the same dangerous Communist movement.

Before BLM, we had the Black Panthers, and before that, Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis, way back in the 1930s, was into the black power movement. He was anti-America, pro-Stalin, and literally a card carrying Communist.

Davis was Antifa seventy years ago, here it is in his own words: “we are making American democracy the twin brother of oppression and fascist domination.”

Over the years they have transitioned through many groups until recently it was Occupy Wall Street. I can’t say it came as much of a surprise to read, while finishing this article, that the author of the Antifa Handbook was priorly an organizer for Occupy Wall Street. He also pools his money with international Antifa.

This brings us to the next key point to understand about Communist organizations in America; they have always been sponsored from abroad. I’m confident that even today at this late stage, if all foreign influence could be shut off, then America’s direction could be permanently righted.

It’s truly hard to overstate just what type of emphasis Beijing and Moscow have placed on gaining control over, well, the world, whose main power center and thus target has been DC, and how many cumulative resources they’ve put into the effort.

To get an idea, consider this. The Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917 and less than two years later, even as Civil War consumed Russia, they already were attacking Poland to spread the Revolution to Europe. From the start of the 1920s, as Russians were starving to death, the Kremlin was already training their Chinese Comrades and giving substantial aid to Mao.

As soon as Communists took over China, they got to work exporting The Revolution. Jung Chang, author of an authoritative biography of Mao explains, “China was not only the poorest country in the world to provide aid, but its aid was the highest ever given as a percentage of the donor country’s per capita income[.]” This was during one of China’s particularly acute famines, possibly the greatest in the history of humanity.

That is how highly Moscow and Beijing have prioritized foreign control; it’s to an extent that it seems to be actually unbelievable for Americans. Europe is nice, of course, but the real prize is America.

Today, the issue is that the enemy has had so much success, it’s truly hard to know where domestic Communism begins and foreign Communism ends.

But note, a genuine desire on the part of many Americans to be Communist doesn’t preclude foreign involvement, indeed, it makes it even easier. Would a Chinese agent pushing subversion in America find it easier to operate here in the 19th century or today?

A strong hint of the foreign origin and control of the movement be can got by looking at just how anti-American the Democrats are today. These are people who hate America and want it diminished. Truly, it is astonishing.

But it’s entirely possible—standard even—for lefties and Communists to support the country they live in. Contrast our lefties with the CCP who is violently pro-China, the Moscow Communists who have always been defensive of the Kremlin to a point of paranoia, or Hitler the Socialist who wanted Germany to control the world.

How could an American movement be all about hating America? How would that arise? Who would it benefit? Explain that.

This is a key truth which Americans used to know. Joseph McCarthy knew and warned Americans and was highly popular (if controversial, a bit like Trump) before they got him. He died in mysterious circumstances at the age 48.

The House Un-American Activities Committee also knew. If you read the actual testimony given by the actors, though many even at the time were lefties, there were many who had a true appreciation for its necessity and a nuanced understanding of the threat.

Here is actor Adolphe Menjou testifying in 1947: “It is not like a good Republican or a good Democrat. This is a foul philosophy this Communistic thing. And it has embittered many, many people.”

Contrast that with The Establishment talking heads today. When they are not outright encouraging the riots, they are accepting its basic premises, and just begging them not to loot. Probably a random Hollywood actor chosen in the 1940s had a greater chance of understanding the threat posed by Communism than a reporter at Fox news does today.

Trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, back in 1951 said: “One thing we have to understand at the outset is that the Communist Party is not a political party. It is a criminal conspiracy. It’s object is, as has been established by a jury, the overthrow of the government of the United States by force and violence, as soon as the right time arrives.” Okay.

“I have no doubt that the orders come directly from Moscow,” he explained.

There is a significant amount of literature that goes into details on how America was infiltrated and corrupted to quite a significant extent in processes dating back a long time and continuing through the present. For further reading please look at Bukovsky, Pacepa, or West, to name a few, and if you finish that and still want more, feel free to email me.

Now let’s lay out the significance and implication of the total penetration of America from decades ago.

Consider this passage written by a high level CIA counterintelligence analyst who was, incidentally, forced out of the CIA for having politically incorrect ideas. Kondrashev was a former KGB officer and McMillan was an American he had recruited. Pay particular attention to the son:

Kondrashev went to see how the intervening fifty years had treated [McMillin’s] family that he had helped create. He arranged a lunch meeting through the FSB, formerly the KGB second Chief Directorate, where he had been working at the time.

He and ‘Mac’ recognized and greeted each other cordially…

[Mac’s] son, their only child, had married a Russian woman and had moved with her and their two children to the United States. There, he was successful in business and phoned and visited his father often.

Interestingly, an FSB man was still controlling this defector even after fifty years…

We know foreign enemies were successful in infiltrating DC a long, long, time ago. So what I’m asking is, what happened next?

Did we confront that problem as a nation and go through the painful process of purging the infiltration? Well, McCarthy tried, and remember what happened to him.

Or did Xi and Putin say, “you know what, I’m bored with spy games, let’s drop all our moles and levers of influence in DC”? To ask the question is to answer it.

Which leaves just one possible outcome, the one that is most vastly unpleasant, and the one that we are facing today. What started out as a significant yet manageable infestation of moles has multiplied until DC is basically occupied foreign territory. It is so entirely corrupted and controlled by foreign enemies that it represents the interests, not of Americans, but of foreign powers.

Thus, when Americans put Trump in office to pursue nationalist interests, DC goes spastic trying to force him out. American interests are not allowed in DC.

Now back to the riots. Just how much of the current riots are sponsored from abroad?

Americans have a significant bias towards underestimation of the extent of both Communist conspiracy and foreign involvement. Our intelligence community should handle this and warn us appropriately. We assume they will and when they do not, we take it as confirmation that there is no greater conspiracy.

Unfortunately, our IC is broken. They have been totally hijacked and turned inward against us. We are relying on a broken security system to sound the alarms.

The FBI should have penetrated and neutralized the Antifa terrorists yesterday, but they are too busy entrapping Trump. There are piles of bricks and other weapons being cached in public all over the country and it is truly remarkable that the FBI still either doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to know, or won’t say, what the originating source is.

We are on our own to figure out what the hell is going on.

Already citizen journalists are doing what the IC and The Establishment media should do. As linked to above, Loudon had a great piece showing the domestic Communist network stoking the riots. Today Project Veritas released tape of someone going undercover into Antifa and reporting on their usage of professional spycraft techniques which seemed to be brought back from rendezvous in Europe. Here is Diana West covering what appears to be a Chinese management of riots outside the White House.

Are the riots taking place because people are angry about Floyd? Or are they being pushed for different reasons altogether? Consider the riots within a context of current events.

In the middle of May, Trump begins Tweeting about “Obamagate.”

At the same time, Trump also accuses Russia and China of secretive nuclear development and proposes that the US detonate a nuclear bomb in response, and withdraws from the Open Skies treaty in response to Russian lies and trickery.

Towards the end of May the riots hit.

At the very end of May, Trump gives a speech cutting off WHO and saying: “We must have transparency. Why is it that China shut off infected people from Wuhan to all other parts of China. It went no where else. It didn’t go to Beijing. It went no where else. But they allowed them to freely travel throughout the world including Europe and the United States… the world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government… that has cost more than 100,000 American lives.”

Trump’s charges are extremely serious. He is accusing China of knowingly and intentionally killing Americans with a biological weapon. Basically, a “hot” act of war.

As far as I know, it’s unprecedented, and no President ever came close to leveling such charges against the Soviet Union.

In the first part of this paper I hope I demonstrated that it is likely or at the least plausible that Beijing and Moscow own mechanisms to influence Antifa and BLM behavior. Looking at current events, it becomes clear they also have a motive to do so.

There has always been a motive for them, insofar as they enjoy control, enjoy weakening the enemy, enjoy stealing, and enjoy spreading The Revolution. They always feared and hated Trump for being proud and nationalist. But Trump’s unwillingness to bend the knee last month marks a serious escalation.

Likewise, Trump’s charges against Obama for Obamagate couldn’t be more serious. He seems to be saying Obama knew, or even ordered, attempts to spy on, entrap, and destroy, Trump’s incoming administration. This would make Obama a criminal and traitor to America.

Obama doesn’t even try to hide his sponsorship of the riots.

The day after Trump calls out China’s Wuhan Virus, and when the riots were already patently violent and arguably the worst in America’s history, Obama tweeted out a call for “young activists to sustain the momentum[.]”

Obama’s pushing for Antifa riots shows without a question the broad institutional support the Communist movement has. Most people would consider it evidence of domestic sponsorship of the riots. I do as well, but for me, the issue isn’t so clear. The domestic and the international are blurred and it may be both.

Our government is compromised at the highest levels.

Think about Biden bending the knee to BLM in conjunction with the fact that his family takes CCP money and that his career had Russian sponsorship. Or Ilhan Omar, right there in Minnesota pushing the riots, whose family had been employed working for a genocidal Leninist regime in Somalia. Or AOC, another Congressperson happy about the riots, right there in NYC, and also a member of a group Loudon wrote about, the Democratic Socialists of America

I wrote an entire short book on one of our previous presidential families, Russian Agents: The Clintons’ Attack Against America.

As for Obama himself, he put in Brennan and Comey, both had previously voiced support for Communism. Think about that. Our President appointed a Director of both the CIA and FBI that had voiced support for Communism. And of course Obama himself was mentored by a card carrying pro-Stalin pro-Mao man…

Are we getting the picture yet?

The danger here is not riots. It’s not Antifa or BLM.

It is a revolutionary Communist movement with deep historical roots that spreads across the globe.

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