Covid-19 Lockdown and the Destruction of Society

Cover your face. Without a mask on you aren’t allowed to buy food.

Shut down the gyms. No sports. Basketball hoops are boarded up. Parks are roped off.

Family businesses, small businesses, new businesses: Shut them down.

American life and its limits are being dictated by doctors. Go ahead and tell me. Is their society healthy? Normal in the least? Acceptable?

This is a Communist inversion of the world. In the name of health we are blowing up our health, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial.

If we could turn on lockdown, pay the price, make Covid-19 go away, and we return back to normal; well, the cost would be immense, but one could argue it was worth it.

But—and here is the crux—that isn’t the case. Covid-19 is not going away. The lockdown is not temporary.

The goal was allegedly to flatten the curve so that hospitals don’t get overwhelmed—although hospitals primary treatment of ventilators don’t seem to do much so even that “common sense” goal seems fundamentally flawed—but now that curve has flattened the lockdowns are actually getting worse.

My state of Massachusetts, for instance, just passed a new “law,” or whatever it is, saying that masks are required in all businesses in the entire state and even required outdoors (whenever social distancing cannot be practiced, whatever that means).

Re-opening the country is just a shell game. There is no return to normal.

The states which are allegedly re-opening are not actually returning to normal. They are just normalizing some weird pseudo-life where regulations and social distancing are built into all parts of the day.

This includes the Red States which are supposedly re-opening at a rapid rate.

Take Georgia, for example, a state that is at the absolute front of normalization. In their re-opening, after things open up, things have a “pretty apocalyptic look”

How is any restaurant going to stay in business now and how could anyone open up a restaurant again knowing that if media, China, or our politicians, say there is a new virus coming, everything may be shut down indefinitely?

Years of masks, isolation, fear, failure, impoverishment.

Covid-19 is a deadly virus, yes.

But what’s that famous saying? Never let a crisis go to waste? Covid-19 is also a crisis, as in, a pretext to be used for political reasons.

Communists say war is revolutionary. It was WWI that sparked the Communist takeover of Russia. WWII helped Stalin conquer Europe and pushed Mao towards power.

Substitute pandemic for war. Now we are at the final revolutionary crisis.

In a way, Covid-19 is even better than war, which may haphazardly affect some countries and not others, because Covid-19 truly is global.

The virus is not going to disappear in May. There are reports that people who get the virus can somehow get the virus again, as in, they don’t develop immunity. Maybe that’s true, or maybe it isn’t. Maybe the virus mutates so much that as soon as we develop immunity versus one strain a new strain is hitting the globe. Maybe in two years we develop a vaccine and implement some type of citizen-monitoring system. Maybe it is like the flu in the sense that it will become its own virus ever present to live with.

Maybe there will be a second wave in the winter. This coincides with the Presidential and Congressional elections.

It’s significant for two reasons. First of all, a Covid-19 blow up in November, or even the appearance of one (thrust upon us by dutiful media), could be highly damaging to any Republicans election chances. Secondly, as Democrats take power in the winter, it is going to provide them with the pretext to pass any decree they so desire.

The Communist Revolution is here and now.

The lockdown is destroying the middle class. People on welfare are unaffected. The huge multinational corporations are getting bailed out.

Blue states are already getting bailed out by DC. That’s another redistribution from Republican states to Democrat states.

This is maybe the biggest wealth redistribution in American history. Expect it to get much bigger.

Consequently, it is the biggest internal re-balancing of power that America has seen arguably since colonization. The other two options would be away from Britain to Americans during the Revolutionary War, and away from the South to the North during the Civil War. However, a strong case can be made that Britain/America and South/North were more ideologically aligned than the middle class of America today and the Communists.

This lockdown and redistribution is going on now with Republicans in charge of Senate and the Presidency. What happens if Democrats take Congress and the Presidency?

Sauroman said:

“Smoke rises from the Mountain of Doom, the hour grows late, and Gandalf the Grey rides to Isenguard seeking my council… Time! What time do you think we have? Sauron has regained much of his former strength. He cannot yet take physical form but his spirit has lost none of its potency… Sauron is gathering all evil to him. Very soon he will have summoned an army great enough to launch an assault upon Middle Earth… The hour is later than you think. Sauron’s forces are already moving.”

Democrats control almost all institutions of power in the United States. Trump is one of the few things holding them back.

And the Democrat Party at this point is little more than a front for Communists.

Obama was a socialist. His mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, literally a card carrying Communist, and arguably a Russian agent.

He was almost followed up by apparent Communist and Russian agent Hillary Clinton.

And the Democrat challenging Hillary wasn’t someone more centrist but none other than the self-avowed Bernie “honeymoon in the USSR” Sanders.

Democrats are the party of AOC, Tlaib, and Omar, who, for instance, was actually raised as part of the Leninist regime in Somalia.

If they get the Presidency, and both branches of Congress, while a pandemic is going on, it’s not hyperbole to say that the Bolsheviks actually have taken formal control over America.

My prediction is that Trump does lose the Presidency. At the very least, that Republicans are significantly understating his chances of losing. Perhaps my next entry will lay out that case.

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