Why China Attacked America With Covid-19

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) purposefully released Covid-19 to attack America.

I guess most have a hard time buying it: “What! China wrecked her own economy, killed Chinese people, and unleashed a virus on itself! That is unthinkable!”

And yet, to deny its plausibility, is to deny our own lives.

China is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They are Communists.

The history is clear. Only a cursory glance at the practices of Mao, Stalin, or China’s buddies the Khmer Rouge, would show just how little is unthinkable. In fact, it happened recently, in front of the whole world’s eyes, as Venezuelan Communists destroyed their own country!

It’s not about the well being of Chinese citizens. No cost is too great for Communist subjects to bear as long as it spreads The Revolution and strengthens Party control.

Americans would do well to stop projecting American thinking on the rest of the world. To Americans, yes, it is unthinkable to knowingly unleash a pandemic. But to Communists? No. Certainly not.

China achieves multiple objectives with their play. They kill off their elderly, purge dissidents, harm America’s economic strength, and potentially end Trump’s presidency.

A virus which causes the same immediate physical effects can be interpreted totally differently when governments have different values and goals. A family living on the shore will be devastated by the tidal wave, but to the parasite looking to move in and take over the shore, perhaps it’s welcome.

A book written twenty years ago by CCP colonels provides some insight into their thinking. It’s called Unrestricted Warfare.

There is a section on “trade war” where Chinese colonels explain: “It can be used with particularly great skill in the hands of the Americans, who have perfected it to a fine art… the arbitrary erection and dismantling of trade barriers… can have a destructive effect that is equal to that of a military operation.”

The CCP may have interpreted Trump’s rhetoric and action on trade towards China, as an act of war, a violent provocation, which justified or even demanded a violent response from them.

Unrestricted Warfare also has a section on biological warfare explaining that, when it comes to new weapons, including biological weapons, “Americans have not been able to get their act together… the Americans invariably halt their thinking at the boundary where technology has not yet reached.”

Get it? Biological weapons are the future but Americans won’t believe it until they see it.

There is also a rather lengthy discussion on the use of “financial war” as a weapon of war even more powerful than traditional war.

When American elderly and those with pre-existing conditions are threatened with a pandemic, this is a dreadful matter which Americans take seriously and pump gargantuan resources into trying to fix. The financial fallout could have been foreseen.

It’s a classic provocation. Do something, provide a stimulus, and then comes the response. Then America is bankrupt.

Meanwhile, when the elderly get sick in China, the CCP doesn’t view it as a tragedy but an opportunity. Time to relieve the CCP of a burden.

It is classic Communist Revolutionary ideology that the old must get out of the way for the young. The Red Guards live on.

It is hard enough to know what goes on in China in the best of times but the pandemonium that Covid-19 has caused has provided cover unlike anything before. How many dissidents has the CCP purged? What about dissidents in Hong Kong? Whatever happened to the free Hong Kong movement anyway?

People object: But Covid-19 is hurting China’s GDP they couldn’t possibly destroy their own economy!

Really? If they care about economic prosperity then why are they Communist? Was it impossible when Stalin killed the kulaks because that was bad for the Russian economy? Was it impossible when so many Chinese embraced Mao over Chiang Kai-shek because this would be bad for the Chinese economy?

The CCP cares about control. Covid-19 is strengthening CCP domestic control. And it’s weakening the CCP’s enemy, America.

America does care, maybe above all, about GDP. That’s not a judgment on whether that’s a good idea or a bad idea but a statement of fact. Americans have come to define America to a huge amount on the state of our GDP. A decline in GDP is viewed as an existential threat.

Covid-19 is destroying GDP.

Covid-19 is also causing huge amounts of discord and psychological damage both to Americans as individuals and America as a society.

Covid-19 is also damaging Trump and his Presidency. First we had the Russian Dossier and his impeachment. Now we have the Chinese virus and subversion of the economy.

It’s kind of impressive how well the timing was synced. For years there was the Russian Dossier. Did that result in successful removal of Trump from Presidency? Oh what’s that, it didn’t? Okay, a few months later we have the Wuhan Virus. That’s a nice Russia-China tag team effort.

Incidentally, this is why most American politicians bow down to foreign leaders. It’s easier for them. It’s hard enough for American politicians to beat domestic political opponents, but when foreign nations team up with domestic enemies in a no-rules fight, well, things get real nasty.

The CCP hates Trump.

Trump is a nationalist, speaks up for American interests, and has stood up to China. His actions haven’t even been particularly drastic, it’s just jarring though because he is the first President to have done so since, well… I’m thinking back to FDR and can’t think of anyone else that compares.

The CCP knows that too much Trump and Americans may get a little too uppity about our prerogatives as a nation.

The CCP wants to destroy American jobs, the stock market (maybe they underestimated the FED!), and the economy, and thus to hurt Trump’s chances at a re-election.

This is textbook financial warfare, from Communists, who hate and fear us, that is successfully destroying our country.

All an accident? It just so happened to start out near a Chinese weapons lab?

When the CCP knew that Covid-19 was a problem, and were killing their own doctors to keep it quiet, and were quarantining patients in Wuhan, they were simultaneously flying Wuhan residents to Europe and America. That seems like intent to me.

Either Trump loses the 2020 election and America resumes the path it was on before his arrival. Trump goes down in the history books as a failure and that gets drilled into American school children for decades. The idea of MAGA is destroyed forever.

Or he wins and America has been weakened and the ground has been set for a hot war and exciting Revolutionary times. It’s a win-win-win situation for China and The Revolution.

I’m not sure this is what happened. But I think it could be, and is certainly very plausible. Any nation serious about living would be discussing the possibility that the CCP did this on purpose, understanding the implications, and urgently figuring out what measures to take for self-defense.

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  1. I agree with your analysis: it was an accidental leak but within three weeks they decided to reduce the relative damage by shipping it overseas to damage its foes just as badly. However their aim is so bad they have devastated left wing cities and completely missed right wing conservative ones so giving Trump a huge advantage going into the election. Also just as China needs allies the most its accidently also sent the virus to its biggest allies.

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