How Today’s Democrats Are Like the Old Pro-Stalin Democrats

A little history goes a long way when it comes to understanding Democrat behavior.

In the 1930s Democrats were ready for war with Hitler. But then in 1939 Hitler signed a pact with Uncle Stalin. Suddenly, Democrats were opposed to war with Hitler, and thought anyone who did want war against Hitler was a fascist warmonger. Then in 1941 the Stalin-Hitler pact broke and Democrats were furious, ready for war against Hitler again.

Democrats pretended like they were making logical policy but they were just pushing the Communist line. And not even a pro-American Communist line but the pro-Russia Communist line.

I’m not sure how many Democrats back then pushed the Communist line(?), and how many had enough sense to realize what was going on, but it was a significant amount of people.

It reminds me of Democrats today. First they hate GWB for going to war in Iraq. Then they hate Trump for trying to leave Iraq. They hate Trump for not bombing Syria, but then they hate Trump for bombing a known Iranian terrorist who has prosecuted the war against Syrian civilians.

These Democrats are useful idiots of the highest order and mouthpieces for Communism and evil foreign regimes.

And incidentally, the pro-Soleimani line is a pro-Russia line because Iran and Russia are allies and were just performing joint military drills. Russia uses Iran as a mad dog to hurt and weaken us. Not much really changes. Democrats were pro-Russia when they were pro-Stalin and they’re still pro-Russia today as they defend Russia’s mad dog today who thankfully we just killed.

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