Activist Ethan Burke Chooses Far Left Terror

Far left activist, and teacher at Harvard Extension School, Ethan Burke, has elected to support far left socialism, and even violent terror, in a disappointing turn of events.

I’ve known Ethan Burke for over fifteen years now. We worked together at UMass Amherst as a part of the anti-Iraq War group and have since been Facebook friends.

I donated money to him when he went on a humanitarian aid trip to South America where a far left government was attacking, torturing and killing citizens, Nicaragua, if I remember right.

He’s a friendly, outgoing, bright guy, as I remember him. Here he surfing in Nicaragua in 2017.

He recently posted a status on Facebook explaining why he loves Bernie Sanders and why Sanders remains the best candidate for President.

Frankly, following Sanders heart attack, and after the way he caved and gave into Hillary Clinton, I didn’t think there would be so many Bernie Bros left, but here we are.

Support for Sanders particularly irks me at this point because of something he recently said about Bolivia.

You see, I’ve lived in Bolivia for years, know people there, know the political situation, and will continue to go to Bolivia in the future.

But recently there have been escalating problems in Bolivia as the far-left President, leader of MAS (Movement To Socialism), has broken the Constitution to stay in power, ignored a peoples’ referendum rejecting his ability to stay in power, and then rigged an election.

Here is what Sanders wrote, supporting Evo Morales, despite the fact that the vast majority of Bolivians hate Morales at this point, including former supporters of his, and the only coup that happened was him rigging the votes and sending his campesinos out to attack peaceful opposition with dynamite.

I explained to Burke how Morales had fled to Mexico to hide out with narco buddies and was instigating terror from there, including a recent attempt to literally blow up a gasoline plant which could have killed tens of thousands of Bolivians. I said, hopefully Sanders dies soon. Burke defriended me.

Well, we all make our choices. I stand with the Bolivian people, the vast majority of whom now hate and fear Morales, while Burke stands with his political hero who meanwhile supports terror against third world peoples.

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