Freedom or Stability?

Americans want stability abroad–telling Syrians, Ukranians, Bolivians, Iraqis, Russians, Chinese, to shut up and submit–over freedom.

It takes many forms. In my Bolivian expat group the expats are regularly saying how Evo Morales isn’t that bad. Regarding Ukraine people are saying they are actually neo nazis. With Iraq people claim iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein. And almost no one can believe that Syrians are fighting and dying for freedom, and instead, dismiss it as a CIA plot.

Even with Hong Hong, which has international attention and seeming support, what do supporters actually want? Just for China to treat Hong Hongers nicer. No one is saying the CCP regime has to go.


There is a massive yawning gap between nation building and mere moral support for freedom fighters around the world. and many Americans really have no idea where that is.

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