How MAGA Must Leverage Global Geopolitics

MAGA folk are dangerously shortsighted when it comes to global geopolitics.

There is an impulse, even a good-intentioned one, to block out the world. But it misses the opportunity to study from the world and use the global march of socialism as a publicity weapon against our domestic foes.

It also misses the opportunity to build up an ideological alliance with friends around the world. The idea that we have a choice to support friends by either toppling their government with marines and then rebuilding their country, or to stay out of the conflict, is a pernicious strawman. We can help friends by giving them weapons, selling them weapons, simply not aiding their enemies, not recognizing enemy governments, or even just with publicity and moral support.

Further, the relationship isn’t a one way street either. Civilized, domesticated, submitted, Americans, have something to learn and mimic from the world’s freedom fighters based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Poland, Israel, and now Bolivia too.

Bolivia is now in a state of total insurrection against a wannabe totalitarian government. This is a comment from my friend:

“Yes Dan Ashman but we will defend our Democracy to the last moment. We won’t let our country become the next Venezuela.”

There is an international communist conspiracy. That is a fact. Will we acknowledge it and respond by building friendships with freedom lovers around the world? Or shall we keep playing dumb?

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