America’s Maginot Line

Our own “Maginot Line” is actually even worse than France’s was. If you can believe that. And given how little faith we have in our government, I don’t see why it would be hard to believe.

The Maginot Line, at least in theory, was intended to keep marauding Germans out of France. Pretty simple, right? Protect the French in France.

But our own military doesn’t even try to do that. Our defense is based on nuclear bombs. They don’t actually stop anyone from firing nuclear bombs at us. They are just there so if someone does kill us with nuclear bombs we can kill them back.

Mutually assured destruction, yes, MAD indeed.

Think about how fucked up our own politicians are. They have taken to regularly subordinating national security and the well being of Americans to their own psychopathic political posturing. Then remember that foreign tyrants are even crazier.

That’s the theoretical flaw to our supposed Maginot Line. There’s also a practical analogy as well.

Just as the Germans invented a new form of warfare called the Blitzkrieg, so too are our enemies innovating on ways to destroy us while avoiding our supposedly impervious nuclear deterrent. Look towards terror, drug warfare, political infiltration and subversion, and attack via proxy. Political infiltration can even be parlayed into unilateral disarmament both actively and via neglect. All these tactics are already happening.

Most importantly, EMP attack. Regarded as core to the military doctrines of China, Russia, Iran and NK.

But rather than give any of this a serious look we just assume the geniuses in government have us protected nice and safe.

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