Why Epstein was Allowed to Die

Ann Coulter mused on Epstein a month ago, “Something much bigger is behind this — perhaps a state sponsor… I am still nervous about this not coming to a conclusion, somehow this getting compromised.”

That was from July, now it’s August, and Epstein is dead.

Coulter was right on both accounts. The evidence strongly indicates Epstein worked for Russia. Consider that Epstein’s famous colleague, Ghislaine Maxwell, was daughter to Robert Maxwell, who was a suspected Russian agent, and Russia’s general and state-sponsored use of sex-trafficking and pedophilia.

Also, Epstein was tied in with the Clintons. There is 50 years of systematic evidence linking the Clintons to Russia, going back to 1970 when Bill traveled to Moscow and Hillary worked at a Communist law firm. The pieces fit nicely together.

Normal Americans look at this, or used to anyway, and think: “Wow! The stage is set to blow this disgusting mess wide open. The DoJ is gonna make an example outta him.”

But look at it from their perspective. This is what they are actually thinking: “This Epstein case smells really bad. But we don’t know anything for sure. We could dig into it. But on the other hand, what if we find something really bad? It’s going to make the DoJ and FBI, many of our colleagues, look like crap for not having stopped this decades ago. It will bring disgrace upon us. Americans could demand reforms or even that we be fired and replaced. That may not help anyone; maybe we can improve the situation quietly.”

See, the incentives are all wrong. Blowing these cases open is an uphill battle the whole way.

Then, on top of that, add in a handful of moles working at the FBI who will directly try to subvert and bury the case.

The Epstein case has historical precedent, and is reminiscent of both the Awans and the JFK killing.

The Awans had compromised half of Congress and held tie-ins to Pakistan, Hezbollah, and Russia. The DoJ made it go away quietly. Americans didn’t get to see how just pathetic the DoJ and their FBI men have become, to let the Awans infiltrate Congress over an entire decade.

Similarly, Oswald was a marine who defected to Communist Russia, came back, and killed JFK. It was very likely a Russian/Cuban sponsored plot. But the FBI insisted there was absolutely no conspiracy. The FBI even went so far as to accept the fantastical notion that the KGB had never even tried to talk to Oswald while he was in Moscow, notwithstanding the fact that Oswald was an ex-marine who worked with classified radar data while in Japan.

As long as Oswald was a loner wackball, the FBI couldn’t rightly be expected to stop him from killing JFK. The FBI cannot be expected to monitor and locate every isolated crazy person. But, if Oswald is understood as an ex-marine who defected to Moscow and worked with the Kremlin, then the FBI should have protected JFK.

The FBI disregarded what was best for Americans. They buried the case. Stopped the truth from getting out. They pursued a “cover your ass” policy.

The FBI’s policy of burying their own screw ups is actually quite dangerous, because Americans realize something isn’t quite right, and they end up trying to fill in the holes with ideas like, “the CIA killed JFK!”

So who killed Epstein? Who knows!

But what is certain is that this is great news for our career men in the DoJ and FBI. They have successfully prioritized, once again, covering their asses.

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