The Democrat Party has become anti-American. They are acting subversively. Sowing division. Undermining America.

How much more damage will they be able to cause? Are you tired of seeing them get away with it?

Now is the time to arm yourself with the facts of why the Democrat Party operates this way, the secret story of how the Clintons really came to power, and who the Russian Agents really are.

Read my short book, Russian Agents: The Clintons’ Attack Against America for the explanation The Establishment has successfully kept secret for decades!

I have spent countless hours pouring over history books covering our CIA, FBI, foreign policy towards Russia, Russia’s policy towards us, ideological subversion, the Clintons, and Communism, to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

If you want the truth, a deep understanding and framework to understand how the Clintons are attacking America, then this book is for you!

In just a few hours of reading this short book, which contains over 200 convenient footnotes to indisputable facts, you will know what they are upto and be able to understand and argue against whatever future tricks they try to pull.

Democrats try to smear Republicans as Russian agents. This is projection and gaslighting on their part! They are the ones with deep historical ties to Russia.

Did you know that Bill Clinton took a trip through Russia back in 1970 when they were proudly and publicly Communist? Did you know that Hillary Clinton worked at a Communist law firm?

These are just a small piece of the history covered in this book regarding their Communist ideology and ties to Russia.

Another secret that is covered in this book it the infamous Uranium One deal. This has been talked about quite a bit in the public, but what if they all got the story wrong? What if they fooled you? What if the story wasn’t the Clintons manipulating Kazakhstan but actually Russia laundering money through a 3rd party to advance the Clintons into our presidency?

Read my short book so Democrats and Clintons can’t fool you anymore!

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My book has been read by subject matter experts with inside knowledge of what has happened and they told me it was a great and important work and encouraged me to share it and expand on it!

Go ahead and buy my book to understand the secret of who the Clintons are and what they are upto. You can’t go wrong. As an added bonus please feel free to email me with any questions or comments and if you don’t like the book I will refund your purchase price.

Buy now! Put an end to Democrat lies!

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