I grew up in Massachusetts as a Democrat, basically a Socialist, and was a big Al Gore fan.

At UMass Amherst I was in the anti-Iraq War club where we said George Bush was a war criminal. I even began designing my own major to study how all the problems in the Third World have been caused by American foreign policy.

LOL. Then life hit me. I actually lived in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries on our side of the world, and saw that the world has different people and different cultures. Contrary to Communist ideology, you can’t just give a poor person money to “level the playing field” and expect them to get identical results.

Communism is evil. Not just its economic policy, but its entire ideology, psychology, and organizational movement.

On the other side stands good,

I played poker professionally, crushing the highest stakes, and writing two books on high-level play. Politics is something I’ve taken a big interest in recently, and after having lived in a socialist country, politics has become an obsession. Learning about the history of politics is interesting, important, and staying involved feels like the right thing to do.

My expertise comes from reading many books and countless articles by the best people… Not on current political fads but on history, classical, American, Russian, Chinese, and on spy games. I like to build a framework for understanding the world, make predictions, and if I get something wrong, I adjust my thinking to align with the truth.

My favorite topics include defeating Communism, geopolitics, the intersection of foreign and domestic policy, and foreign subversion.

I have articles published in The Epoch Times, The Federalist, American Thinker, American Greatness, and The American Spectator. I wrote a shortbook, Russian Agents: The Clintons’ Attack Against America which has received excellent reviews from subject matter experts.

Please feel free to write me at dmaxashman@gmail.com, follow on my page here, or on Twitter at @dashman76.

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