They Infected Trump with Covid-19. Five Conspiracy Theories.

They Infected Trump w Covid-19. Five Conspiracy Theories.

1) This was no coincidence. Democrats, or the Deep State, or terrorists, or China/Russia/Iran, infected Trump with the Corona.

On the one hand, Trump being so active in life and meeting with so many people suggests there is nothing strange about getting it, but on the other hand, the timing of this infection is striking. It comes at the critical moment leading up to the election.

2) They infected him with a high viral load or a particularly aggressive strand. He will get very sick or maybe die.

China’s Corona virus provides cover for all sorts of mischief even including assassinations.

3) This will be a basis for a new smear campaign. They will find anyone who Trump has been in a couple degrees of contact with who gets Corona and blame it on him. They will find a Corona death and say he directly caused it.

4) Victim blaming. Trump is the victim of Corona here but he is going to be blamed for getting it and blamed for spreading it. This will be wrapped into a campaign to push new lockdowns: “The victims of our first lockdown didn’t obey, didn’t wear their masks, therefore due to their murderous carelessness, we must lockdown again even harder.”

Francis of BullBitcoin has highlighted this already, for instance here and here. It also is entirely consistent with Amazing Polly’s description of lockdown as torture.

5) This is another manifestation of a worldwide Communist conspiracy to take Trump down. Trump isn’t up against just Democrats, but really a “Deep State” that spans the entire globe, further including, most prominently, China and Russia. Democrat politicians and our own Deep State are not merely an expression of domestic Democrats, but part of a global interlocking mechanism.

Re-watch Yuri Bezmenov again and listen to his words in a literal sense, “however ridiculous it may sound, the World Communist System.”

China’s Coronavirus was launched and has been used in a very savvy manner by them to take us down. It reminds one of the Iron Curtain, but this time, descending upon the entire world.

Note for clarity: Points 1 and 2 are theories. I don’t know if they’re true. But it seems worthy of consideration.

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