Why Jefferson Would Have Liked Antifa and Held Republicans in Contempt

Jefferson is closer to Antifa than to Republicans and if Jefferson saw modern day Conservatives he would vomit. Okay here is the explanation of my point ->>>

Firstly, I don’t say that Antifa is the Jeffersonian ideal… merely that they are closer to it than Republicans. There’s a difference.

Secondly, this isn’t a statement so much on how cool Antifa is but on how pathetic some Republicans are. The ones that still pine for Bush, or are ready to make the same old mistakes and vote in an Establishment phony in 2024, and want to vote and sit at home and wait for everything to turn out okay, and call for decorum and taking the higher road and so on. These people are losers, and naive ones, that have zero idea what is going on in front of our eyes, this Communist takeover. If Jefferson saw such complacency in the face of tyranny far worse than anything King George III ever did to us he certainly would hold us in contempt.

Thirdly, consider Antifa and Republicans in light of this Jefferson quote, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Frankly, it couldn’t be any plainer. Parts of government fear Antifa. They do not fear us. Government terrorizes us and we bow before them.

Fourthly, Republicans are obsessed with tactics and disavowing anyone who tries to achieve change with anything other than politely worded editorials in NRO. But really there is nothing wrong with many forceful tactics, protesting, blocking roads, intimidating politicians. The problem is that it’s being done by Revolutionary Communists. Allowing Communists to express themselves and exercise such power is wrong.

But flip it around. Blocking roads to force Communists out of power would be just. Intimidating Communist politicians inside our government until they are scared and leave would be just. There is of course a line that can be crossed between pressuring politicians into doing the right thing, which Revolutionary Americans did, and wanton terror that Antifa goes with, but Republicans are NO WHERE CLOSE to that line.

Republicans obsession over tactics is a red herring and method to control our minds. The REAL struggle isn’t about tactics but about substance; who can exercise more power between Conservatives and the Communists.

Fifth, and this is an aside, but there is a streak of progressivism running through American history that some find awkward to reconcile and Jefferson for his part was IMO kind of crazy and he supported the crazies in the French Revolution.

Finally, the post is something of a thought experiment cause we like challenging our thinking instead of repeating the same tired memes right. Is it 100% true and is it what I’d write a PhD thesis about using scientific methods of inquiry? Um, I don’t know… But it certainly has much truth to it and the way people get triggered by the thought is really because it hits the mark.

Sorry but Conservatism today is weak and afraid and CONTROLLED. Just ask yourself what would Jefferson think of the Republican Establishment today?

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  1. I literally feel dumber for having read this.

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