Rand Paul Opposes Effort to Stop Communists

Rand Paul is acting like an absolute clown. I write that as a person who supported him as my favorite candidate in 2016.

Look at his tweet below. In theory, he may be right. In context though, as violent Communist terrorists threaten to overthrow society, he is exposing himself as fraudulent.

Paul’s interpretation of what exactly is attacking or liberty is so fantastically naive that he seems to be totally incapacitated insofar as his ability to do any good is concerned.

He thinks he is living in 1770 and King George III is in charge while our heroic Founding Fathers are getting persecuted by the King.

Um. No. Instead we have Trump who is in charge and trying to merely conserve the freedom we’ve long enjoyed and we are under attack from vicious Communist subversives.

Our liberty is under attack in all directions from the mobs who are burning stores down, internationally sponsored terrorists who are attacking Republicans, out of control public health officials who are forcing healthy kids to wear masks, countless businesses forced shut while mega corporations are allowed open, and more.

The problem is not government action trying to stop Communists. It is the Communists.

Communists are not citizens exercising free speech. They are subversives who want to end our way of life, overthrow society, end freedom, and put us in Gulags. There is even a law recognizing this fact, The Communist Control Act of 1954, outlawing them. Communists are not individual citizens organically going out to “protest” but part of a movement sponsored by an international anti-American and pro-Communist Movement.

Just yesterday, heroic Michelle Malkin, held a rally in support of our traditional way of life. She was attacked by terrorists as police stood down.

I don’t see any tweet from Paul defending her. He is silent when a Conservative Freedom Loving American gets attacked by Communists–surely a freedom of speech issue–but then gets righteous when government tries to stop those Communists.

Look at his tweet history. I can’t find anything about him calling out Antifa. He has tweets supporting BLM even though BLM’s own founder proudly says she is a Communist!

The sad thing here is that Rand Paul could actually support his ideal of freedom best by going after Communists and it would be very popular politically and he could take over leadership of the entire Republican Party.

Mr. Paul, you are too smart to waste your chance to make a difference in history. Please get your head into the game.

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