Lockdown as Torture!?

Amazing Polly argues in this video that the Covid-19 lockdown is torture.

It’s kind of a sensational claim which may be easy to dismiss in a knee-jerk reaction–though perhaps less so as our agony gets drawn out–but her analysis is right, truthful, and unnerving. Frankly, her argument is important. Let’s go through it here.

Compare Amnesty International’s definition of torture with what The Establishment is imposing upon us now.

They list eight coercive techniques used in torture to break a person down. It was written almost 50 years ago but it reads like a contemporary DNC internal document.

Coercion: Isolation, Monopolization of Perception, Induced Debility and Exhaustion, Threats

Isolation. That’s the name of the game. “Stay home!” is actually a popular slogan now thrown at us by the ruling class. The training is such that even in shared spaces people are emotionally isolated.

Monopolization of Perception. The Establishment uniformly pushes the line that Covid-19 is the end of the world and if you don’t stay at home with your mask on you are trying to kill grandma.

About half of Americans don’t agree with this perception though and this is where The Establishment gives the game away. They could say: “Well perhaps there is good news! Some of our Conservative friends point out that the daily death tolls are getting lower, hydroxychloroquine with zinc is a great treatment, and they are happy to get back to work now!”

But instead, they try to destroy those of us who don’t see the world as they do, either with boycotts, censorship, blacklisting, smears, or even quite literally, by trying to incite mobs to kill the dissenter.

Induce Debility or Exhaustion. They are forcing our businesses bankrupt and stopping us from staying physically healthy by locking up parks, beaches and gyms.

Threats. Everyday they come out with new threats. Just take a look at these screenshots. They speak for themselves.

Behave or no beach time!
Wear a mask or we shut you down!

Here are the rest of the coercion tactics.

Other coercion tactics: Occasional Indulgences, Demonstrating Omnipotence, Degradation, Enforcing Trivial Demands

Occasional Indulgences. They let us open up some of our gyms before shutting us down again. Here in Massachusetts they will let you go to some parks, if you make a reservation first!

Demonstrating Omnipotence. A lady in Oregon opened her salon and the Governor sicced CPS on her. A lady in Idaho took her kid to the park and the police arrested her. Meanwhile, The Establishment stands down, even encourages it(!), as mobs riot and burn and loot and attack, and encourage public funerals for dead meth head criminal Floyd. There is nothing fair about this. They are making up their own rules as they please. Flaunting their total power.

Degradation. We are not allowed full lives now. Just pseudo-lives. Give in and maybe they will let things get better! Oh and make sure you repeat back the phrase “Stay home! Stay healthy! Social distance!” like a good citizen.

Enforcing Trivial Demands. No singing in church. They’re just rubbing it in with this one.

In sum, and in line with the definition of torture, we have one party controlling another unwilling party, inflicting pain, until we submit. I like Polly’s summation that they want us to “regress to a childlike state because the only thing they want from us is to blindly obey them.”

There can perhaps be debate and speculation on how conscious The Establishment’s efforts to break us down are. Though they surely do seem coordinated and systematic. But there can be no disagreement that, in effect, the lockdown and its implementation is torture.

Covid-19 is real and can be deadly–though it seems that the virus has mutated and may be much less so now–but the real damage, much worse, is being done by the lockdown. Covid-19 as a pretext to torture citizens and bring us in line.

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