Olavo Tells Bolsonaro: Wake Up! Destroy Communists!

Brazil is a fascinating parallel to American politics. It is Trump and Bolsonaro versus the Communist Conspiracy.

The Communists are absolutely ruthless and insane. Trump had to purge them but instead was careless and now they are making Trump pay.

It seems Bolsonaro is making the exact same mistake and thus Olavo, who is the leading Conservative of Brazil, wrote a huge tweet storm telling Bolsonaro, COME ON!

I’ll highlight below the most important tweet in my estimation. My Portuguese is bad but supposedly this translation is about right. Each block below is a separate tweet. Here they are:

The fascination with China’s 5G technology is unequivocal proof of complete moral numbness.

Many people close to the government still credit (or at least say) that “Communism is dead” and the Sao Paulo Forum is a “conspiracy theory.” The suicidal stupidity in the high spheres of Brazil has no limits.

Whoever wants to keep getting rich via trade with China is an enemy of humanity.

Is it possible that anyone in this country is so stupid that they don’t understand that the endless screams of alarm announcing a dictatorship of Bolsonaro were only preparation for an ANTIBOLSONARO dictatorship?

Bolsonaro was elected President of a country at war, but he let himself get drunk on the dream of governing a peaceful and prosperous democracy. He took the ideal future as if it was the real present situation and let himself be strangled without doing anything against his enemies and the enemies of Brazil other than complain a bit from time to time.

By overthrowing the hegemony of leftist ideology that dominated society for four decades, I opened for the country an opportunity that its biggest beneficiaries are doing everything they can to lose. Their work is finally getting the results it deserves.

Is it possible, also, that there are still people stupid enough to not realize that the slogans of “moderation” and “technically neutrality” were just straight jackets with which to tie up and paralyze the right, neutralizing the effects of the electoral victory?

What will come after the fall of Bolsonaro? A war between the dominant elite, whose only unity, fleeting and opportunistic, was common hatred of the people’s elected candidate.

The grand strategic error of Bolsonaro was to prepare to beat adversaries in the 2022 election when his opponent, having lost all illusion of being able to compete with him in the popular vote, was preparing, without him having realized, to crush him with a judicial-legislative attack.

If I were really the guru of this government, none of this would be happening. Unhappily, the gurus are dozens of generals committed to repeat the technocratic-neutralist errors of the 1964 regime.

Fuck! Do you have to be a genius to realize that a government of the right without ideology of the right or propaganda of the right is just a suicidal illusion?

From that time when generals repressed the ideology of the right while leaving the left free, what else could one wait for but a dictatorship of the left?

By default or by collaboration, the generals will be just as culpable as the Supreme Court for the destruction of liberty in Brazil. Unfortunately their error will hit with depressing consequences the majority and innocent and honorable people in the military.

Is there still time to understand what is happening and stop the final disaster? I don’t know.

Beginning to see well at the age of 73 makes me resemble Lao Tzu, who was born old and through his life turned into a baby.

The right wing of Brazil, being formed in the positivist heritage, ALWAYS hated politics and ideology, that is, the two only ways of governing a country.

At the height of the crisis, the military has a meeting with the congress. To save the country? No. To raise the pay. Is it bad or not?

Business in Brasil. The Chinese never thought that they could buy so many consciences at such a modest price.

The Brazilian news gives me a desire to vomit every day. It is the biggest party of baseness that one can see in the world.

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