4th Generation Warfare and Bolivian Boogaloo Rules to Win

Part three pulled from here by Anonymous Bolivia:

When we took to the streets, we had no idea our protest would escalate and lead to an overthrow. This is the danger with mass rioting. Once it takes off, it takes on a life if its own.

When people protest, they have an outlet. They go from losing their minds watching the world burn on tv, to becoming empowered. You go with your buddies and at first you’re singing, then you’re screaming and all of a sudden you’re part of an angry mob destroying shit. You get gassed, people are injured, and you scatter into side streets. You look for your riot buddy and you make sure they’re ok.

Then you avoid the undercovers who are taking pictures of the uni kids and you find a secluded place to throw up, because the Brazilian CS you inhaled when your half mask was knocked loose is really nasty stuff. You take the long way home because the fucking CHICOMS “donated” cctv cameras to the communists so they could repress us. Its one hell of a rush and it seduces people, because this common experience gives everyone a sense of belonging. this is why street violence is contagious.

When our protests grew, the govt sent their rioters to fight us. When we didn’t back down, they attacked our neighborhoods. They always build up the violence  gradually to “normalize” it. Then they start the psychological shit. They rake you with violence on tv, and social media, repeating their stupid fucking narrative non stop. it’s all around you, because everyone you know is under the same pressure, and you can’t get away from it, because rioters are breaking shit 8 blocks from your house.

This is Social Terrorism and its goal is to break the will of a population and bring it to submission using fear and blackmail in a “Do what we say, and you wont get hurt.” context.

People respond to manufactured fear in different ways. Some join the communists out of Stockholm Syndrome, others keep their heads in the sand. And then you had us, and we said: Fuck you, i wont do what you tell me.

The media tries to instill a sense of helplessness in the population by editing videos to portray small mobs like huge crowds, exaggerating the violence.
The footage of kids with bleeding skulls, coupled with ambulance sirens going by your house will freak everybody out. And since they took away everyones guns, people felt totally powerless.

They seek to create a state of permanent stress to burn you out in a war of emotional attrition. We dealt with it by being proactive and by drinking. its so powerful, that at some point everyone loses their shit.


A buddy went to a bbq and ended up arguing politics with everyone. His business was fucked, and people were breaking shit 3 blocks from his house.

After they lifted the roadblocks, i took him to a strip club that was open during the boogaloo. I needed a fucking drink, because there had been troop movements indicating that the army might be used against us, and if that happened, we were all going to jail.

The strip club was “holy ground” like in Highlander. No one starts shit, if you leave politics at the door. Even the stippers were cool. Some of them were socialists, others were protesting on our side. There were also off duty gov’t types hanging out there because, hey, they were stressed out too.

Everyone was merry, but on edge. I was happily tucked away chatting to a pretty Paraguayan girl until my buddy went to the fucking zoo over a watered down drink. He went apeshit on the barman, and then against government. I had to ditch the busty chick to keep him from getting killed, because he was starting to pissing everybody off. I paid the bill, grabbed him and hauled ass.

The psyops are intended to make people snap. After that, some will choose submission, and get brainwashed. Everyone else is so freaked out that they start fighting each other and they cease functioning like a community.

What they don’t expect is for you to push back, because nice suburban folks are polite and non violent. their goal is to own the street. So they don’t send the cops to the incidents and they let you have at it with their trained riot boys.

They also wear you out with time, because they know you have jobs and businesses which can’t hold out forever. And in the middle of this, they keep bombarding you with the psyops.

When shit got really stupid, I ended up in a pickup truck in a QRF. We’d drive around at night, get a call, go pick up some kids with bats and take them over to the neighborhood with the drama to beat the shit out of the badguys.

When they turned up the volume on the kinetic shit and the psyops at the same time, we started getting some really stupid phone calls from distressed housewives everywhere.

This was the moment the entire population hit TOTAL panic, and y’all got to brace your selves for that. This is an emotion you rarely see, unless you’re driving around in the middle of the boogadishu and some roadblock kids mistake you for the bad guys and they start throwing rocks at you.

Meanwhile the entire municipal bus depot is on fire, and some assholes are sending a bunch of housewives a video of some masked dudes saying they’re coming rape everyone in the middle if the night.
People really freak out because there are no cops on the street and when they look out side, everyones windows are broken and shits burning everywhere and their neighbors are hiding under a bed.

The insane thing about that night was that analyzing the video footage there were no more than 500 guys fucking shit up. But actions were amplified so much by the media that everyone felt it was the apocalypse.

Psyops work really well if there has been a systematic erosion of a populations perception of reality through years of exposure to fake news and disinformation campaigns.

When you cant tell if a news story is real or not, that doubt allows them to distort reality by dictating their narratives. Once they do that, they control what is perceived to be real. It works best on the dumb and the ignorant.

This psychological distress fucked up a lot of people, and when the boogalo was over, there were some crazy stories told at group therapy sessions.

If any of this sound familiar its because your lefties and your passive populations are being pushed towards this kind of a disaster. so im going to end this thing by sharing the Bolivian Boogaloo rules:

Bolivian Boogaloo Rule Number 1

Fight with your head. This is a thinking mans war brought to you by a bunch of fucking shrinks and communists with decades of experience. They have the initiative and they are willing to do really horrible shit.

Wait for them to make a mistake.

The psychological space is where this war is being fought. The kinetic shit that occurs in the meat space is complimentary. They are not capturing infrastructure directly. they are disabling peoples minds so they can take it over with out firing a shot. Thats the basic premise of 4gen warfare.

Bolivian Boogaloo Rule number 2

Don’t let this shit get into your head. Go to the strip club. Find ways to keep yourself distracted. Set a calm example for those around you and never lose your sense of humor.

Bolivian Boogaloo Rule Number 3

Don’t let this shit affect your kids. and families. Explain everything to the sandwichmaker and the tots. Empower them. Let them contribute and make them feel they are part of the effort.

Bolivian boogaloo rule number 4

Keep your communities together. These assholes want to divide them. A lot of your neighbors will lose their shit. Be patient. Hold town meetings. Get everyone on the same page.

Bolivian Boogaloo rule number 5

This war is being fought with telephones and computers, not with guns. Don’t escalate the violence. Memes, posts, trolling, these are the weapons of the day. You need to get the real
story out there.

Bolivian Boogaloo Rule Number 6

Keep your response and ROE proportional to the threat. You have to discourage people from from using guns on these guys. When they keep the cops from doing their jobs, thats means its your first night in fight club and it rarely turns out like you planned.

I met with a dude at a wedding over drinks who took a fucking paintball gun to the 30th street battle. He and 2 buddies got ambushed and chased by 6 dudes with clubs. he ended turning them away with frozen paintballs and held the fort.

Bolivian Boogaloo Rule Number 7

Strip clubs are holy ground during the boogaloo. They must be respected under the rules of the connor mcloud chronicles.

Bolivian boogaloo rule number 8

Three weeks from now, my head will be in the bosom of a nice Paraguayan hooker. Imagine where you will be, and it will be so.

Hold the line!

And if you find yourself alone, riding a unicorn in green fields wearing a hawaian shirt with the sun on your face, and then a voice says: “welcome to the rice fields motherfucker”, do not be troubled, because you are now in the big fucking wine mixer in the sky, and you’re already dead.

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