4th Generation Warfare is Information War. Part 2.

Continuation of Anonymous Bolivia posts on how to beat Communists and how they wage information warfare. Taken from here. Another great read:

This is 4 generation warfare. Their real goal is ideological subversion and regime change. They also have to protect their clients, i.e. no one is talking about freezing assets or a war with China anymore. The system is in peril, and thats why they reacted like they did.

Our govt ran this shit on us back in Nov. after committing election fraud. we rebelled and these assholes threw rioters into our neighborhoods to attack our homes. These kinetic actions were always amplified with a psyop component in complicit media. They used bots, trolls, twitter feeds, Facebook and edited videos to amplify our racial tensions to turn the passive population against us.

We were subjected to an all out terror campaign. They wanted us to accept illegitimate leadership. Rioters burned down houses belonging to leadership and journalists. Their goal was to set off an all out confrontation between the urban middle classes and the native population in a race war. They wanted us to shit our pants and be willing to give up our basic freedoms, by making things so ugly that we would welcome a military intervention.

The nastiest psyop was on the 9th of Nov. They wanted to cut the flow of anti-government university kids coming to riot to the capital from other cities. At this point we were trying to burn down the presidential palace with our rioters and their rioters were trying to kill us in the street. Our boys bussed in more than 10,000 people to level the odds.

The govt noticed that the most active protesters were girls. So they gave orders to stop a bus load of uni kids from Sucre at a roadblock in Vila Vila, where their supporters dragged all the guys off the bus, beat them to a pulp and raped the girls. They then televised the accounts to discourage kids from bussing it to the capital, since nothing causes terror in women quite like that. We wanted to light them up reaal bad after that, because for the communists, this was just a means to an end.

The real war you are fighting is not on the ground, its the information war being waged to sway the passive population. Thats the one y’all need to focus on. And if things get stupid in your streets, here are some lessons from the Bolivian resistance:

We had no central leadership.
Everyone defended their hoods. We had a sticks and stones ROE because the gov’t WANTED us to light up the rioters, since they were looking for an excuse to militarize the city.

We kept them out by setting up road blocks on strategic streets, and bridges. Think of it as medieval warfare with cellphones.

Our Mayor actually sent us dump trucks full of rocks to build barricades and to use as ammo in the skirmishes. You think a pallet of bricks can cause trouble, our kids got a dump truck full of rocks. The Karens at the 29th street bridge freaked out when they saw their rock pile and ordered their husbands to toss it into the river so it would not fall to the enemy. Those dudes were NOT happy about that.

Roadblocks were supported by QRFs, motorcycle cavalry and “the other one” that was straight out of the book of boogalations, so we don’t talk about it. Girls and older ladies rang doorbells for bottle and gasoline donations. And if a bunch of women in your hood are making molotov’s, its usually an indicator that the big eskimo party is no linger an internet meme.

Comercial dynamite was being used by the miners, (its traditional) partitioned a into 4 parts primed with No.- 8 caps and short fuzes. They’d tape a match, light the fucker and toss them at us or the cops. the shockwave travels at  17,000 fps, and in a suburban street, it scared the crap out of everyone. We had our miners and they had theirs. Few of them lost hands and fingers doing this shit.

The day after the police mutiny, the goblins torched 44 police stations in 12 hrs. Thats when the cops told the civies to pepper their anguses, because they were overwhelmed. They trucked documents out to schools and other locations and got ready to defend the Alamo.

In the end, a crew of spartans with good logistics held off the goblin army. We would have won had the military not stepped in, because these were OUR streets and we were defending OUR homes.

Remember, you have home field advantage. Your opposition does not. All you have to do is fight smart and keep your use of force proportional. Dead guys only create nasty headlines and more rioters. Set up your own ROE’s and talk to your cops.

Everyone chipped in with food and donations. Businessmen paid for busses and bought shields for their local roadblock boys. Some old lady came out of her building one day and gave a 3m masks to the kids from her hood, telling them to go to the palace and tear shit up like she did in the 70’s.

We had friendlies in the unfriendly neighborhoods that would call us up when the goblins were getting ready to roll. we had motorbike scouts, old couples in tall buildings acting as look outs and good comms network.

But the real war we had to fight was in the media, their most powerful weapon. It’s about disinformation, control of the narrative and the spreading fear.

We discredited their shit with our feeds. You need to post pictures, images, memes EVERYTHING, otherwise they run the show. Since they owned the media, we started our OWN media with wattsapp groups and telegram undergrounds.

We had middle schoolers trolling and their trolls. In our videos, and reports the narrator was required to state time, date and place to counter the psyop videos the bad guys were throwing at us.

Everyone from a bunch of eighth graders to little old ladies were part of our boogaloo, and it was glorious. You don’t have to physically fight to help. Everyone contributes in the fields they know Its about stopping the fear and panic they want to create. And when people get involved, they don’t feel helpless.

Remember, they are not waging a war for hearts and minds. This is a war for short and curlies. They will keep this shit running for weeks until you are mentally exhausted and burnt out. You have to break the cycle, otherwise this entire planet is fucked, because the shining city on the hill cannot fall to the fucking communists.

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