Why Trump Shouldn’t Use the Military

There are near unanimous calls on the right, among Trump supporters, for Trump to step in and forcefully put down the riots.

I am deeply skeptical that this will turn out well.

Trump just gave an address where he said he will take action. Here is why I think he should be very cautious and what paths may be most useful to take here.

To use an analogy, consider the Iraq War. We tried to nation build for a people that didn’t like us and we got torched big time. Well, Democrat areas in America likely aren’t as bad, but the same idea applies.

It’s a basic tenet of Conservatism that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. If you try, it simply won’t work, plus, you’ll get hurt.

Democrats obviously despise Trump and they don’t seem to like our military much either. If Trump puts the military in these radical leftwing strongholds things may go very wrong.

Right now, the riots are, politically speaking, a Democrat problem. Floyd was killed in a blue state. Both Senators in Minnesota are Democrat (and women), they have Ilhan Omar in the House, the Governor and Mayor and Police Chief are all Democrats.

The riots are happening predominantly in Democrat controlled areas.

Yes, it is true the damage and pain they are inflicting is on all of us. But, politically speaking, it is a Democrat problem.

As soon as Trump steps in and tries to stop it, it becomes a Trump problem. Everything that goes wrong is Trump’s fault and Republicans fault and the fault of those mythical “white-supremacist MAGA supporters.”

This operation by Democrats is a classic Communist provocation.

They are trying to act so absolutely awful and disgusting that they force Republicans to come in and stop it. When that happens, politically, it becomes a Trump problem.

This game has the absolute highest stakes. I say, play to win, painful as it may be.

This isn’t about the riots. If we prioritize putting down the riots then we will lose.

This is about a well organized revolutionary Communist movement that has been in the works for decades. They now feel so powerful, and are so triggered with hatred and fear of Trump, that they show themselves.

This is a time for strategic action with long term goals. What actions can be taken to crush the Communist movement?

Force Democrats to own this. Floyd riots are forever a Democrat problem. Caused by Democrats, in Democrat areas, and something Democrats didn’t stop.

Let the Democrat Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs, whose job it was to stop the riots, resign, say they screwed up, and ask for help.

This an opportunity to link Antifa to Communism. As in, define Antifa as a Communist organization.

This is important because right now people mistakenly assume it’s some one off organization that popped up out of nowhere and when it goes away the problem goes away. WRONG. Antifa is the spearhead of the Revolutionary Communist movement, one organization of many, that could easily change names and forms.

Communism is alive and well. Stronger than ever. Name it. Frame this struggle within a 100 year framework as a fight against Bolshevik scum.

Publicly direct the FBI towards a priority of rooting out Communists. Root out the riot sponsors. Root out the Communists sponsored from abroad. Proudly make an example out of them. Use the Communist Control Act of 1954 to take down Communists.

Link the widespread anti-American sentiments displayed by the Communists, their cohorts, and their cuck boosters, to America’s education system.

It is American schools that foster this attitude. American schools have a deeply embedded attitude of moral relativity, progressivism, Communism, and anti-Americanism, which it pushes on all students. Use this as an opportunity to stop tax payer money from continuing these schools.

My dream list would include abolishing the Dept of Education, removing all federal grants for people to attend college, removing all federal loans to attend college, and publicly trashing the system we’ve had. Any steps in that direction are crucial.

Arguably, this could be the single most important thing Trump can do, even above addressing immigration. Aren’t first generation immigrants more pro-US than the second generation immigrants? Thank the schools. It’s conceivable that large amounts of immigration to America could even take place as long as it was within a context of a spirited pro-American culture and education.

Anyway, this situation is big. Think big. Think about long term victory and what that means.

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