Why BLM is Dangerous Scum

[This entry is grabbed from an interwebz friend, title is my own]

Should Christians endorse Black Lives Matter?

Judge for yourself. Read their website and do some basic background research, and here are a few examples of who they are and what they believe:

BLM was born from rage at the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, and to this day BLM claims that both were “murdered” by white supremacists. These are lies. All the actual witnesses and physical evidence confirmed that Martin was shot in self-defense because he attacked George Zimmerman and was beating his head on concrete. All actual witnesses to Michael Brown’s death confirmed that he attacked Officer Wilson. The witnesses were mostly black. Even Eric Holder’s DOJ found the shooting justified. Thus, BLM is literally founded on vicious lies and refuses to recant them.

BLM’s focus is on the formation of a global black identity. They see themselves as part of a “global Black family” and seek to develop black (and feminist) power on a “transnational” basis.

More specifically, BLM is a “Black liberation” organization. This is not liberation in any casual sense. It is cultural Marxism. One of BLM’s founders is a devotee of Black Liberation Theology, which is cultural Marxism recast as pseudo-Christianity. This is why BLM’s founders can say they are fighting “like hell for [their] freedom,” although they live comfortable, privileged lives as writers, speakers, and artists. If this seems odd to you, you might spend more time understanding their Marxist concept of “liberation.” It means overthrowing all fundaments and elements of your culture.

Am I exaggerating? No. For example, they say: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” in favor of village collective life.

They are also zealously “queer-affirming,” work to “dismantle cisgender privilege” and “heteronormative thinking,” and celebrate “Black lives along the gender spectrum.”

BLM has removed some of the more overtly socialist rhetoric from its website, but for most of its existence it has openly advocated ideas like “democratic control of resources,” which is socialism. BLM in short advocates for all the things that cause misery and desolation — from the destruction of the family to old-fashioned socialism.

Do they promote violence? Not openly on their website, but their activities have consistently resulted in it. I don’t think this should surprise anyone. When you build a movement claiming that our police and other authorities are engaged in systematic racial murder, it is predictable.

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