Looters Roam Freely While I Get Ejected From Park

The dirtbags get free reign to riot all night but meanwhile storm troopers are harassing me for playing with Issac in the park.

I just was at the park and doing such unoffensive things I hadn’t even realized there could potentially be a problem.

First, me and Issac set up olympic rings on a tree. I was working on my tucked front lever, lockouts, German hangs and Issac was jumping on them and hanging, actually, he can even do a few pull ups it’s pretty cool.

Some twenty five year old dude drove up in blue car and said “sorry man, can’t have you parking here, I can’t help it, it’s the towns orders.”

So I look around the parking lot is wide open and I start to ask for an explanation but he shuffles back into his car saying “sorry just town orders can’t park here” and leaves.

I’m kind of annoyed now, just thinking to myself what to do, and Issac is uncomfortable. But I get in my car, and drive around the block to a different spot that is certainly open and park.

Issac gets back on the rings and I do some pistols with my KB.

Couple minutes go by and blue car guy comes back and half gets out of his car keeping pretty far from me and tells me again “hey man, you can’t be doing this here and all this jungle gym stuff you could get hurt.”

So again I start to ask what is going on and he interrupts and goes “I’m just following orders it’s the town orders what if someone gets hurt plus look you aren’t wearing a mask and there is covid-19 going around.” There is no one even close to us. “Look I’m just gonna report this to my bosses okay you shouldn’t be out here” and he gets back into his car and drives off.

To make the situation even more absurd, a few yards nearby is a grocery cart full of empty beer cans and old clothes. Homeless people live here and drink and do drugs and litter. That’s okay. But me and Issac playing there on the tree is off limits.

Like what type of people go around telling dads and their sons that they can’t be outside playing?

Issac didn’t like any of this but I just told him this guy was a clown who likes to harass people and nothing was going to happen and finished my workout.

After that we go to a different park with an open field to play frisbee.

Field is wide open. No one is on it. Though there are a decent number of people milling around on paths to the side, jogging, people sitting on chairs on edge by the beach.

We play frisbee for 15 minutes and are having fun.

Then boom, town storm trooper number two comes over and says we can’t play there.

This guy actually talked to me, said he was really sorry, that it’s a stupid order. But he also said he has to do it cause his boss will be mad otherwise.

I just look around and gesture with my arms. The field is wide open. I told him he’s stopping a kid from playing for no reason.

The absurdity of this situation knows no bounds.

At night, thousands of rioters get to burn buildings to the ground. That is “understandable anger” and they are “expressing themselves” and have faced no consequences.

Meanwhile, I try to go to the park to train and play with Issac, and boom, the storm troopers are there because playing outside is too dangerous.

This is total bullshit. I have no idea why so many people are complying with this. I don’t really want to start something up when Issac is around but I’m basically ready to force people to start arresting me if they really want to try and control me like this.

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