Covid-19 Response – Communist Takeover of America?

Knowledge of 20th century Russia is key to understanding what is happening in America today. The parallels are uncanny. Like of those between the Russian Revolution and Covid-19.

To put it more precisely, there are striking similarities between the response of leftist Russians to WWI in 1917 and that of leftist Americans to Covid-19 today.

Supposedly, the crux of the issue today is a deadly pandemic, but maybe that is just the surface explanation. Diana West weeks ago explained: “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution!”

No one looks back on Russia in 1917 and thinks of WWI as the matter of utmost importance. Hardly anyone cares, actually, because it turns out the important thing was how Communists used WWI to take power.

Russians were suffering even more than normal due to WWI, poorer, dying in war. People were angry, afraid, provoked and ready to be mobilized. Lack of food prompted angry women to protest in the streets in February of 1917. First they got the Provisional Government, then the “moderate” Socialist Kerensky, and by October of 2017 they got Communists and Lenin.

Covid-19 is likewise being used as a pretext for some to take power. That’s not to say Covid-19 isn’t a real thing, in fact, this works better as a real and dangerous virus, just as WWI was real.

As the situation develops, it becomes clearer that the effect of most Covid-19 action isn’t to save lives or stop the spread of a deadly pandemic, but for certain players to redistribute and grab power.

On the one hand, travel from China couldn’t be banned, and for decades we have maintained and increased trade with China, enriching and empowering them, even though its where many diseases come from. But on the other hand, American citizens aren’t allowed to keep their stores open, can’t walk in public without a mask on.

The FED and Congress are now releasing a massive amount of money and it will be funneled mainly to institutions, global corporations, state-lovers, leftist. Sure, there is a pittance thrown in for the common man, but if you get one gun, and the enemy gets ten guns, who is that really helping?

No one knows exactly to whom these millions, billions, and even trillions of dollars, will go, and what exactly they are going to do with it. The story is that they will use it to stave of bankruptcy, but, many of these groups are also politically interested.

Meanwhile, the media is doing its best to blame Trump, and use Covid-19 as a bludgeon to remove him from power.

Perhaps Democrats would like to make Cuomo our modern day Kerensky.

There are even increasing food shortages. This started with runs on the supermarket. But it’s being followed up with increasingly serious issues like banning sale of plant seeds, farmers dumping food, and massive lines of people waiting at food banks to be given food.

The Russians had many food shortages. First it was used by the leftists to take power and then it was used for them to wipe out enemies and consolidate power. Stalin purged the Kulaks—the successful farmers—to seize their wealth and empower the rabble and further destroy food production.

In Covid-America our middle class are the Kulaks. People want and need to work. But the government won’t let “American Kulaks” work. Everyone must stay home. People who go out, without wearing face masks, trying to work, are demonized as hateful class enemies.

The rhetoric on Covid is basically that of Communism.

Covid-19 isn’t that dangerous for most people. However, everyone is still being asked to radically alter or even destroy their life. It’s a call for self-sacrifice to look out for the well being of those less advantageous.

Or rather, the rhetoric could be one of compassion, however, using it to strike fear into the heart of all and justify unprecedented seizures of government power, is what reeks of a leftist power grab.

If you asked Russians in 1913 whether Communists would soon dominate their country – what would they have said?

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  1. Communism will never take over here.

    Too many people like me, who took an oath with no expiration, to protect and defend.

    And THAT good sir, you may bet the farm on.

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