John Bolton and Israel the Boogeymen

If you want an understanding worth a damn it has to have predictive value. You’d sound like a real asshole telling people that clouds are predictive of dry weather. Yeah?

Yet somehow this simple principle eludes the geniuses who comment on American foreign policy.

We have a new and excellent data point–Iran bombs Iran, trump deploys troops to Saudi Arabia–to judge who is wrong and who is right and they’d love to just ignore it.

Many Republicans, MAGA people, good intentioned people, have an emotional hatred of John Bolton. They have been saying that Bolton is a bloodthirsty psychopath who is gonna get us into war.

So what happened? Trump fired Bolton, and then afterwards, Iran bombs our ally, and afterwards, Trump deploys American troops to Saudi Arabia.

If their theories were worth a nickel then relations between America and Iran should have improved after his firing. Not led to an international crisis.

It kinds of makes you think. Or it should anyway.

People have also been blasting “IsREAL” (what does that mean, anyway?) complaining about how Israel controls American foreign policy. Yet again, they have been proven wrong.

Iran has been bombing Israel through proxies for years. America has done nothing.

Iran bombs Saudi Arabia oil a single time and we immediately deploy troops to Saudi Arabia. Pretty clear data points if you come at the situation without any preconceived notions.

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