Is John Bolton a Modern Day Aristides?

This is an interesting commentary on human nature, ingratitude, and the scuminess of politics.

The ancient Greeks used to have a practice called ostracism. By popular vote the people could preemptively exile a man, before he had even done a concrete wrong.

One victim of this ostracism was Aristides.

Aristides had been a hero in the Battle of Marathon where he had helped save western civilization from the barbaric Persians.

What was his reward? Ostracism.

Later on, however, the Greeks amnestied Aristides so he could sacrifice himself once again in war for Greeks.

Are Democracies always just disgusting? If we are to have a Democracy, as Democrats want, can we at least ostracize Omar? Is Bolton–now being pounced upon by almost everyone–a modern day mini-Aristides being ostracized?

Bolton’s enemies should tell you a lot about what type of man he is. Reddit/politics is absolutely gleeful that he is gone. Ilhan Omar is triumphant. The mainstream media has despised Bolton forever.

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