Trump Names the Communist Threat!

President MAGA explicitly went after Communism in a recent statement: “What they’re looking at is pure socialism or worse than socialism. You know there’s a word called Communism too. They don’t like to use it, very rarely do you hear that, but there’s a word called Communism.”

I searched these words online to find a date, and fittingly, no results are returned. Very few will use the C word.

Except for President MAGA. Trump also tweeted, “We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country.”

The first step to fixing a problem is simply naming it, and until Trump, fighting Communism has been off the agenda for decades.

Obama was a crypto-Communist, GWB was useless, Clinton was a Russian agent, GHWB did everything he could to help the Politburo.

That brings us back a full thirty years before getting to an anti-Communism warrior.

One must go back another twenty years before getting to JFK. Remember his famous speech, “We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”? That was about stopping international Communism backed by Russia.

Eisenhower won on a campaign pledge of rooting out Communists. One biographer wrote: “Eisenhower and Nixon had won the election in part on a pledge to sweep the communists and the crooks from government. Far from seeking to halt McCarthyism, Eisenhower stated his intention to adopt a policy of vigilance and ruthlessness toward domestic subversion.”

Unfortunately, Eisenhower didn’t actually do that. Instead, he did the exact opposite of his promise and worked to destroy Joseph McCarthy. No matter that they had campaigned together in 1952.

It does show, though, that anti-Communism was so popular with Americans that Eisenhower had to at least pretend to support it.

What many people don’t realize now, after the Communist scum of the world have demonized McCarthy, is that he was also popular at the time. Very popular.

When Ike came to Wisconsin to campaign with McCarthy, newspapers reported that the crowd was more excited by McCarthy than Ike.

Being a famous anti-Communist is simultaneously two things. First, it is dangerous: see the death of McCarthy and JFK, and now see the extreme vitriol directed against Trump. Second, it is the right thing to do, and extremely popular with Americans.

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